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Vistula at EXPO Astana 2017

2017-04-05 18:00

Vistula University became a partner of the Polish participation in the International Exhibition EXPO Astana 2017 - one of the most prestigious exhibition events in the world. We will be the only university whose students will work in the Polish Pavilion.

The chance for a three-month internship from June 7th to September 11th, 2017 has 30 students of the last semester of International Relations and Economics, who speak Polish and Russian or Polish and English. Vistula students will work as animators - Polish exhibitions guides or financial and economics specialists. Money for their departure comes from two European projects “Liczę na staż” (I count on the internship) and "Staże bez granic” (Internships without borders) within the framework of the Operational Program Knowledge-Education-Development. This is a great honor for our University, proof of its high internationalization and the level of education.

For detailed information on the placement requirements, contact Careers Office (Ground Floor, 22 45 72 423, Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm). Applications can be sent by April 17th to with “Astana” in title.

Being part of this project is possible thanks to the contract concluded by Vistula University, Ministry of Development and Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.

More information about the event is available at



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