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Partner companies of the Vistula University are known and reputable brands and leaders on the market. 

ACG uses both analytical tools and techniques to generate and implement ideas to show their Customers how their new or current actions might seem in the future as makes „roadmaps” showing the way to get there. The company’s methods include making prototypes of and implementing business models, products, services, innovation strategies, making organization action models as well as qualitative and quantitative models.


Alior Bank offers to its Customers innovative products and banking services that were so far unavailable on the Polish market. It has been repeatedly awarded in Poland and internationally for their high quality of products and services offered and the efficacy of its business model.


CBRE Corporate Outsourcing is one of the greatest companies acting globally in the financial services and data management sector. CBRE employs finance experts from all over the world and they communicate in their official English language.


Cyfrowy Polsat is one of the leading Polish media groups composed of the following companies: Cyfrowy Polsat, Telewizja Polsat and Redefine. Platforma Cyfrowy Polsat S.A. is the greatest operator of satellite TV in the Central and Eastern Europe and fifth company in Europe with respect to the number of subscribers.


GRMG group owned by Mateusz Grzesiak deals with conducting trainings and coaching for companies and individuals on 4 continents.

infoPraca in an on-line job offer trade. It is a platform making available the state-of-art online recruitment tools offering effective support and help in making contact between employers and people searching for a job.

Meeting Professionals International ‒ the greatest global association associating professional meetings organizers.


Poland and Turkey’s Chamber of Commerce supports cooperation between entities from Poland and Turkey. The economic potential of both companies makes the support and improvement of trade bonds desirable.

Plus ‒ leading mobile phone network operator providing telecommunication services in Poland. It applies state-of-art technologies and high customer service standards building its competitive advantage.

Secover ‒ dynamically developing company with a portfolio aimed for both SMEs and large companies. It built its brand thanks to the reliability and customer loyalty.

BZ WBK ‒ one of the most rapidly growing banks on the Polish market servicing individuals, SMEs and large companies. It offers comprehensive financial services at the highest level supported by the modern technologies.

RADWAG Electronic Scales is a leading manufacturer of state-of-art. electronic scales and accessories for many industry sectors in Poland and globally. Established in 1984 company is now the leader on the Polish market and is a member of the global leading manufacturers.

CodiLime manufactures and implements designer IT systems in the following fields: Fraud & Security Intelligence, Risk Management, Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, Customer Intelligence, Mobile Payments, E-commerce, Web & Mobile Applications. The company also conducts many projects in the fields of BIG DATA, Security, Cloud Computing, OpenStack, OpenContrail, OpenFlow and SDN (Software Defined Networks).

Animex – is an unquestionable leader on the meat market in Poland with more than fifty years of tradition supported by experience. It has been the greatest meat exporter in Poland. It is also the greatest employer in the meat industry holding 11 production facilities located all over the country.

Emmerson -  one of the most dynamically developing companies on the Polish real estate market. Known for their high quality services based on the reliable knowledge and long-term experience. They enjoy loyal customers and business partners

Citi handlowy – focusing on the Customers’ needs offering services adjusted to the needs of target Customer groups. As one bank, the Citi Handlowy uses global presence and highly specialized Staff to provide banking products and services.

Getin Noble Bank – is a brand in detail banking owned by Getin Noble Bank SA, one of the most rapidly growing financial institutions in Poland. They have been regularly appreciated for their development dynamics by media and industry experts.

Institute of Tourism – established in 1972 pursuant to the resolution of the Council of ministers no. 108 of April 26, 1972 is the only research and development entity in Poland conducting interdisciplinary and comprehensive research in tourism. 

MT Targi Polska – One of the Poland’s leaders in and the largest organized or trade fairs in Warsaw attended by 80 000 of visitors a year, including several hundred of journalists, the trade fair hosts more than 2000 exhibitors from all over the world.


QLOCK – creating games is a difficult and complicated work requiring coordination of many large and small tasks. QLOCK is here to help you settle and provide the highest quality. 


UPC Polska – is a leader of digital cable services, television, broadband Internet and mobile phone network for individual and business customers. Almost 1.5 million customers uses the                                                           services of UPS.

Saint-Gobain Polska – is one of the greatest foreign investors. It combines tradition as well verified solutions with being innovative and being oriented to constant development.


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