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Vistula University brings together students from over 60 countries around the world.  A mosaic of cultures and customs goes hand in hand with the high of level foreign language education and the possibility to participate in internships and scholarships abroad. The university cooperates with renowned foreign partner universities in the fields of education, research and the international exchange of staff and students.


The International Office staff is responsible for:

  •  the recruitment of international students, 
  •  promoting the educational offer in foreign markets, and cooperation with education agencies,
  •  the preparation of relevant documents for students in order to obtain visasfor Poland,
  •  the organisation of accommodation in Warsaw, 
  •  guidance on immigration issues,
  •  the implementation of projects on an international scale, 
  •  the exchange of students, academic and administrative staff with partner universities,
  •  foreign internships within a framework of cooperation with partner companies.

Enrolment process for foreigners

  1. Fill out the enrolment form - you can download it here.
  2. Send scans of the enrolment form and other documents (a certificate of secondary school graduation or your grades from the 1st semester of the 2013/14 academic year if you are graduating from high school in 2014) to:
  3. After receiving the documents, the Admissions Committee will decide on enrolling you in studies.
  4. The university will send you a provisional enrolment certificate.
  5. Pay  the entry and tuition fees (for one year or one semester).
  6. The university will provide you with original documents for an embassy - enrolment certificate and invitation.
  7. Submit your visa application.
  8. Come to study. 


ALL STUDENTS should have upon arrival:

  • Application form printed from University’s website + 1 copy
  • High School Diploma + 1 copy
  • Sworn translation of High School Diploma into Polish+ 1 copy
  • Attachment to High School Diploma with subjects and grades + 1 copy
  • Sworn translation of attachment to High School Diploma with subjects and grades into Polish + 1 copy
  • Apostil/legalization of High School Diploma (or certificate from respective Polish Embassy, stating that the student can study in Poland) (* All applicants except for those from Belarus, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovakia, Austria and Libya)
  • Nostrification of High School Diploma (* All applicants except for those from Ukraine and Belarus). More information about the nostrification you may find HERE
  • Medical certificate + 1 copy. Please find an example HERE
  • Sworn translation of medical certificate into Polish + 1 copy
  • 2 copies of passport
  • 2 copies of recent visa
  • Health insurance + 1 copy. More information about health insurance you may find HERE
  • 2 signed contracts between student and Vistula University. You may find the contract HERE. For the underage students HERE
  • 2 signed directives on payments at Vistula University 
  • Copy of confirmation of payment for studies
  • Statement about accommodation. You may find the form of the statement about accommodation HERE
  • Certificate of language proficiency (*in case there is no such certificate). More information about language proficiency requirements you may find HERE
  • 3 photos (3,5 x 4,5)

Additional: For underage applicants

  • Copy of passport of one of the parents who signed the contract
  • Copy of birth certificate

Additional: For transferring students

  • Transcript of studies + 1 copy
  • Sworn translation of transcript of studies + 1 copy 

Additional: For Master studies

  • Bachelor diploma and transcript of studies + 1 copy
  • Sworn translation of Bachelor diploma and transcript of studies + 1 copy

Order regarding the fees applicable to the foreign students who begin their studies from the winter semester of the academic year 2017/2018

After collection of all the required documents candidate receives a letter of acceptance for studies and invitation letter from the University necessary for obtaining of the student visa. More information regarding other documents necessary for obtaining of visa can be found on the official website of the Polish Embassy.

Vistula University does not own a dormitory, but collaborates with some private dormitories for students. All the options of accommodation are available on


Head of International Office

Leonid Markusyk
tel. 22 45 72 316
tel. 501 294 962

International Admission Coordinator

Halyna Bozhko
tel.: +48 502 603 174
skype: Vistula.uni

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