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You want to study in English, but you are afraid that you don't speak the language well enough? You can participate in the annual intensive language course at AFiB Vistula. It ends with an exam, which will entitle you to follow one of the seven fields of study conducted in English, namely: Economics, Computer Science, International Relations, English and Spanish studies, Finance and Banking, Tourism and Recreation and Management.

Talk with students from all over the world

At AFiB Vistula you will meet students from all over the world. Many of them are here for full-time studies, such as undergraduate studies, some, however,  have chosen our university as part of the international exchange program – Erasmus Plus.
You'll meet them in class and during class breaks. You will communicate with all of them in English and you will have a unique opportunity to use the language in practice.

Check your skills through language exams

Vistula University is a partner of the Educational Testing Service – the largest independent non-profit organization engaged in research in the field of education and in the creation of assessment systems. 

In our exam center, you can:

  • register for the TOEIC®, TFI, TOEIC® Bridge or WiDaF exams;
  • prepare for ETS exams, both for TOEIC®, TOEIC® Bridge and TOEFL®;
  • prepare for TFI ™ and the German WiDaF exams;
  • register for the TOEIC® exam;
  • take the TOEIC® exam in open exam sessions;
  • take the TOEIC® exam in closed exam sessions organized by our center or take the exam at any  date selected;
  • buy manuals to prepare for TOEIC® and TOEFL® exams.

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