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Studying at an English-speaking university

Preparatory Language School is an intensive three-term study programme conducted in English and Polish languages. It is planned accordingly to the needs of future university students, to help them plan their pathway to their education and improve their English or Polish language in preparation for academia requirements.

Our courses are designed for students planning to study at an English-speaking or Polish-speaking university. After completing Preparatory School students are ready to give presentations, attend seminars as well as to find themselves in the new educational environment. In order to study at VU, students are to submit one of the following proficiency test results to prove their level of English language: TOEFL, FCE, CAE, TELC, IELTS, ECL etc. Absent an exam result, students have to study at VU Preparatory School for a year.

Study programme runs at full integration with English language skills and higher education. Before students can take the final exam, they attend many hours of instruction (approximately 30 hours per week, 950 hours in total), including general English, language skills development (listening, speaking, reading and writing), grammar instruction and exam preparation courses. Preparatory School offers a full-time programme that will help them reach the level of English that every student needs to start their degree course. Preparatory School prepares students to achieve necessary TOEIC test result allowing them to be accepted at Vistula University and it is recognised internationally.

There are also extra-activity hours for writing, speaking, grammar as well as theatre club, football club, basketball club and social events such as trips outside Warsaw and sightseeing the capital. These provide extra knowledge and practice to those who want to revise difficult material or go ahead of the curriculum.

Other than English language courses, we offer Polish language for foreigners. The competence of our instructors and motivating teaching methods ensure a high success rate. After completing their prep-school studies, students take a final proficiency test of English or Polish languages. The certificate you will receive after passing The Preparatory School Language Proficiency Test, will allow you to study anywhere, be it VU or another Polish university.

Using experience to help students prepare for university

Our students gain knowledge, not only about the language but also about the cultures in different English speaking countries. It is done through the experience of our highly qualified instructors and native speakers from Unites States, Great Britain and Ireland. 


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