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You have an idea for Your own business but You don't know how to implement it?  You would like someone to help You make the first steps in the business world? Don't wait. Take the future in Your hands today!  Join the Academic Business Incubator.


What is Academic Business Incubator?

ABI is an indispensable solution for everybody willing to start their own business adventure but is not yet prepared to start a companyin the free market. Unique in the European market, the pre-incubation scheme at the ABI provides an opportunity to enter the business world gently to anybody, who joins us with a business idea. Recently the ABI offer was mainly aimed at students and graduates of universities below 30. Pursuant to the decision of the Management Board of the ABI Foundation of March 2011, the benefits of the pre-incubation scheme shall be available to any adult (at any age) not conducting his/her own business activity on the free market. Anybody who addresses us with a willingness to start their own business and whose business idea is accepted may use the services of ABI.

In particularly we invite the following people to join ABI:

  • students and graduates of universities and high schools – willing to use the knowledge they gained at their own company,
  • company employees – willing to improve their own business projects along with their employment,
  • unemployed – willing to take control of their life and start their own company,
  • people planning their own business – but unwilling to pay Social Insurance premiums, accounting and legal services and focus on conducting their business,
  • freelancers – functioning in the market as independent experts and willing to have the possibility to issue invoices to their business partners without undue expenses (e.g. trainers, graphic designers, programmers, photographers, translators, etc.),
  • people about to start self-employment – who would have to register its business activities in order to get their dream job,
  • people planning to apply for financing to start their business – and are willing start being active in the market without starting their business activities,
  • anybody, having (or not having) an idea for the business and would like to talk about it.

More information is available HERE 

Our partner companies of  Vistula University are well known with reputable brands and are  market leaders. 

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