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We keep in touch with the practitioners

To initiate professional cooperation with companies we decided to learn about their actual needs and expectations. We surveyed 300 entrepreneurs followed by in depth discussions in focus groups with the participation of human resources representatives. On that basis we will develop Good Cooperation Practice for cooperation between universities and business. We will also be able to improve our education offer and make it more suitable for the needs of entrepreneurs. 


Globalizer  Polish companies on foreign markets

Our University completes the innovative Globalizer project in which foreign students help Polish companies to enter the markets of the countries of their origin. In result the students combine writing their thesis with conducting advanced international analytical and business activities. Our Faculties aim at a high level of diploma exams to be performed in the form of group projects completed at the entrepreneurs’ request. Also the  subjects’ syllabuses provide mandatory visits by business practitioners.


Entrepreneurs find our students valuable

Our career centre prepares students for professional training and internships and cooperates with employers to make the internship interesting and beneficial to both sides. More and more companies are addressing us with employment offers for our students, and the best ones have an opportunity to get employed. What is more, there are meetings with the employers during which the employers can present their own case studies to the students as well as the Job Spot Fair trade once a year. This all gives the image of a modern university that is aware of the contemporary market challenges and sees  cooperation with companies as its priority.


We complete research projects financed by the National Science Centre

Vistula University conducts research on many subjects ordered by the public and private sector entities. Research projects conducted include the innovation report on the Polish economy, the role of interest groups in legislative procedure, an analysis of Poland’s energy challenges, the developmental potential of the pharmaceutical and medical industry, the policy of host countries towards foreign direct investment  and  the maturity model of the national public project completion as well as the development of  good management practices with respect to human resources competence.


We know how to cooperate with India and China, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine

The University Indian and European Centre provides support in creating business relations with Indian companies. The Confucius Institute provides personal support to companies intending to start their operations in China. The Social Affairs and International Relations Institute is composed of  experts in relations with Turkey, Russia and Ukraine by preparing expertise and reports for national and foreign scientific entities and companies.


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