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The one year (12 months) full-time Global MBA provides a solid foundation in the key business disciplines and reflects the breadth of management issues that arise in the international and global context. The structure of the Global MBA programme is designed to reflect the challenges of international and global business and to incorporate core competencies appropriate to the turbulent business environment conditions.

Our programme is the best choice for those who dare think, try, search, criticize and make decisions. Our programme is:

  • inspiration - diverse cohorts and faculty with rich and wide cross-sector experience shared at every step of the programme,
  • innovation - by applying innovative active and mobile teaching methods adopted to each cohort we are able to create the space for innovations developed by our students),
  • implementation - our curriculum is constructed in the way that provides students with a set of tools necessary to implement innovations developed during the course and in the further career.


Justyna Berniak-Woźny, PhD
phone: 506 000 260

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