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Vistula University invites companies, institutions, corporations, and education centres to the joint creation of the curricula integrating theoretical and practical knowledge. Thanks to the innovative concept of bachelor’s or master’s degree studies at  Vistula University it is possible to gainin depth theoretical and specific knowledge and to use it in practice.

We will educate the best-fitting staff for Your company
In cooperation with our Partners we define what competences  the labour market is lacking, then develop a curriculum that allows students to improve and gain such skills. During the first semesters the students attend classes at the university, allowing them to gain through theoretical knowledge as well as learning some important elements of business. The next stage consists of combining university classes with working for the partner company. Thanks to such a combination the partner has the possibility to employ appropriate employees and prepare them to solve specific issues related to the operation of a given company.

Studies, trainings, and workshops developed directly to respond to Your company’s needs

Employer competence and resource management allows the dynamic development of the company, and human resources are the most precious asset of any company. Vistula University is able to perceive and  understand the need of education and business cooperation. With lecturers practicing in various scientific fields we offer the possibility to open a field of study, develop training and course programmes adjusted to Your company staff’s needs. We offer a diverse scope of topics, including: human resources, accounting, negotiations and mediation, management, psychology in business, economics, languages, communication, journalism, dietary sciences, hotel management, savoir-vivre (etiquette), coaching, team building.


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