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The Group of Vistula Universities comprises the Vistula University (AFiBV); the Warsaw School of Tourism and Hospitality Management (SGTiR) and the Wroclaw-based University of Business (WSH). Vistula University is the first private non-profit higher education institution established in Poland. It has been steadily rising in the university rankings of Polish universities (currently no. 5 among private universities). Vistula University is the national leader in the field of internationalisation among all Polish Universities with 2303 international students out of 4228 in AFiBV and 1094 in SGTiR. The University consists of prominent experts – scholars and researchers who have a real impact on economic and social life. This compilation includes information concerning the areas of research conducted by GUV academics. It should popularise these research subjects among our existing and potential partners, help identify joint research activities and allow better cooperation with international institutions in the future. MORE

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