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Student life at Vistula University is not only about long hours spent during lectures and classes but also about activities in scientific clubs. Photography, singing, computer science, radio, TV – at Vistula you will meet people who are interested in the same things as you are.

At Vistula University you can choose your own sport like: badminton, indoor football, rowing machines, and even modern dance - and develop your skills. We have many champions here: a world champion in the sport dance, a Polish vice-champion in horsemanship, a Polish champion in speed skating, a Polish champion in wheelchairs dance, a Ukrainian champion in karate. Read more in "Academic Sports Association"

You can take advantage of the opportunity to study at a university in another country or an internship in a foreign company. Erasmus + is a European Union program that gives you the opportunity to go abroad to study and practice in more than 33 countries participating in the program. Read more in "Student exchange"

You will learn entrepreneurship by which during your studies you begin to work with well-known companies. You can create a concept that will allow you to start making money in foreign markets. More and more companies are turning to us with proposals for the employment of our students, and the best of them have a chance to get a permanent job. Read more in "Career Office"

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