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"A VISTA" is an Online Student Scientific Papers series of Vistula University, publishing texts in Polish and English, in the form of scientific articles, reports, papers, essays, excerpts of magisterial and doctoral dissertations, reviews of scientific studies, reports of scientific conferences and interviews with men of science. "A VISTA" is an interdisciplinary journal, covering issues related to all fields of study at AFiB Vistula (economics, finance and accounting, management, tourism and recreation, international relations, sociology, English studies and computer science). The journal is also available for undergraduate, graduate and PhD students from other universities.

Texts (edited in line with the standards outlined at the university website in the document: may be sent to, with the following information in the title of correspondence: „A VISTA”.

Note: We publish texts of up to 20 000 characters (half of a publisher's sheet), 12-15 pages (including abstract, keywords, footnotes and bibliography).

We invite teachers to submit highly-rated works by undergraduate, graduate and PhD students (e.g. assignments, papers, essays, excerpts of promotion works).



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