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why poland ?

  • For the high quality of the Polish educational system
  • For future rapid economicdevelopment
  • For the low cost of studying and living    
  •  For the high level of personal security
  • For Polish cultuer - the number of festivals, book fairs, concerts, and other kinds of entertainment.
Poland is a fascinating country that is at the geographical and cultural crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe. In Poland you may get the best education, set up your own business, and search for brilliant ideas. Remember – the sky is the limit!   

In Polish cities it’s easy for you to find a part-time job. The wages increase regurally, so many Polish students choose paid studies and start working. 


Remember that special events in Poland happen daily: concerts, shows, exhibitions, outdoor events and sports events. If you are tired of sightseeing, then numerous cinemas, restaurants, cafes, recreation and wellness centres are waiting for you.


think about your place in the world

Do you want to experience living in another country and culture? Do you want to study at a well-known institution in
Poland? Choose Vistula Group of Universities and study in the heart of Europe. Warsaw and Wroclaw are both multiculturalcities which combine beautiful culture with an international dimension of business.


is the capital and largest city of Poland, a major international tourist destination and a significant cultural, political and economic hub. This amazing city is full of contrasts and surprises. It will excite and inspire you.


is the largest city in western Poland and the third largest educational centre of Poland, with 135,000 students in 30 colleges. The city is famous for its large number of museums, clubs and pubs.


How to reach Warsaw, Wroclaw and where to stay?
Warsaw and Wroclaw are easily accessible through their international airports, convenient train connections and a motorway network. All of these cities offer accommodation for all budgets – from exclusive apartments to youth hostels. Vistula Group of Universities does not have its own dormitories but it cooperates with student hostels.

poland in short

  • Location: Central Europe
  • Neighbouring countries

       Belarus 416 km,
      The Czech Republic 790 km,
      Germany 467 km,
      Lithuania 103 km,
      Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast) 210 km,
     Slovakia 541 km,
     Ukraine 529 km

  • Language: Polish
  • Capital city: Warsaw
  • Major cities: 
    Gdansk, Cracow, Lodz, Poznan,Wroclaw
  • Population: 38 496 000 
  • Total area: 312 685 sq km
  • Local time: GMT + 1 hr
  • Currency: zloty (PLN)
  • Climate:
The summers are warm and on average around 19 degrees °C, but  at times temperatures can be over 30 degrees °C.  Winters are relatively cold and normally the temperature is below 0 degrees °C, but sometimes it can be quite mild.


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