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Vistula University and Vistula School of Hospitality Alumni Club

We aim to strengthen the communication of our alumni with the universities, improving their life and career development, contributing to the development of our students with our alumni, ensuring the continuity of the Vistula University and Vistula School of Hospitality culture, and increasing our alumni’s solidarity.

1. Peer-to-peer Mentoring Programme

Mentors share their experiences and contribute to the career development of mentees. Our alumni would be mentors, and our senior students would be mentees. All activities within this programme are aimed at increasing the career success of our universities students. With this programme, our graduates contribute to the success of our students, and provide support to increase the value and quality of Vistula graduates in the business world. In addition, anyone involved in the programme as a mentor or student, will have a wider professional network. We plan the following social benefits to our mentors, in order to help their career planning, and to add colour to their lives, thanks to their contributions to the programme.

  • 2-day trip to Zakopane or Ogonki
  • Online Courses (Sap, Oracle, Investing & Trading, Web Design & Graphic Design, etc.)
  • Rosetta Stone online language course package
  • Homecoming Party
  • Networking Meeting
  • Special Events for Culture and Art Projects
1. Peer-to-peer Mentoring Programme

Become an Alumni-Mentor:

Graduates, who want to be mentors, are required to fill in the form: ‘’Become a Mentor”.



Students, who wish to benefit from this programme, will choose their alumni from academia or the business world, in line with their career goals, and send a mentorship request. In this way, a mentor-student relationship will be established between the two parties. Mentors and our students come together, twice a semester, to talk about business and career planning.  During the interviews, the student plots his/her career planning, by taking advantage of the mentor’s experiences.


Interview topics would be;

– What should be considered when preparing a CV?

– How to apply to companies?

– Job interview experience and issues to be considered,

– Difficulties in business life,

– The future of the sector,

– Certificate programmes that are important in career planning by sectors.



Become a mentee

Students, who want to be mentees, are required to fill in the form: ‘’Become a Mentee”.


Become an Alumni-Mentor:

2. Ambassadors

2.1. Country Representatives

The Vistula Universities, a large family with more than 80,000 graduates from more than 100 countries around the world, has created Country Representatives, to help contribute to the solidarity and co-operation between graduates, and to increase the recognition of Vistula Universities in Poland, as well as in other countries. From each country, one of our alumni would be selected to be the ambassador to represent his/her country, to communicate easily with all alumni from the same country.


Become a Country Representative:



2.2. Company Representative

Alumni from Vistula Universities are working in different companies in Poland, as well as in all countries around the world. In some companies, we have a lot of alumni. To strengthen the solidarity among our alumni working in the same institution, and to improve the communication between Vistula Universities and the business world, Vistula has created Company Representatives.


Become a Company Representative:


2. Ambassadors

3. Meet-Up

Our alumni meet with students at the Universities and share their experiences about their institutions and business lives. All our students would get important information about business life by participating in the Meet-Up programmes.

For all  kinds of enquiries, contact:

3. Meet-Up

Alumni Club

ul. Stokłosy 3, Warszawa

Apply online

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