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Business Council of Vistula University is an advisory body. Its goal is to support the University in all tasks in scientific and didactic development. It was established on January the 25th, 2021 in response to the challenges of modern education, which aims to educate staff with competences enabling efficient navigation in the dynamically changing labor market and supporting the knowledge-based economy. The task of the Council is to strengthen the cooperation of universities with the business environment, create conditions for the exchange of knowledge, carry out joint research and implementation projects, and adapt study programs to the needs of the labor market. The aim is also to create joint internship programs and increase student employment. Currently, Business Council of Vistula University has 53 members. They include representatives of university, business, non-governmental organizations, local authorities, public institutions and the media. Its coordinator is Ms Małgorzata Bonikowska, PhD.

The Council works in the following manner:

  • meetings of the entire Council with the full composition – once during the academic year, at the end of October,
  • work in groups and individually – all the time.



1. Research and study projects

  1. Defining research activities for members of the Council and their organizations as part of the university’s own research.
  2. Defining research activities under partnerships formed by organizations represented by Council members (eg company + NGO + medium).
  3. Preparing or consulting the input for university grant applications for research (eg for NCIBR).
  4. Consulting university research plans and research products (research reports, presentations, conclusions, policy papers).
  5. Involving university students in research conducted by entities from the Council (eg ZBP research and analysis team).
  6. Support in developing rankings, eg ranking of the most valuable Polish brands (Rzeczpospolita).
  7. Other forms of individual work of Council members.

2. Students, internships and didactics

  1. Accepting students and graduates for internships and volunteering.
  2. Popularization among students and university staff of competitions for internships organized by members of the Council.
  3. Guest lectures by members of the Council (within existing subjects).
  4. Organizing additional thematic meetings with students.
  5. Consultation of curriculum.
  6. Introducing new subjects to the timetable.
  7. Creating new educational products (courses, postgraduate studies).
  8. Other forms of work with students (“counseling” – consultations on the choice of profession, lifestyle, personal brand, etc.).
  9. Popularization of knowledge related to the activities of Council members (eg banking standards – by the Polish Bank Association).

3. Thematic actions

  1. Cultural, social and educational activities with the participation of university staff and students during events organized by the local government, e.g. workshops and shows during the City Days or the Festival hosted by the city.
  2. Activities promoting social attitudes (eg generation twinning, helping the elderly, IT workshops for seniors, etc.).
  3. Consultation of city development concepts so that they include stakeholders and trends.
  4. Participation of Vistula staff in conferences and events organized by members of the Council in their institutions.
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