Can you dream of a bigger adventure? A three-month paid internship at the World Expo 2020, in Dubai, is within your reach. The Vistula University Design Office will start recruitment from 3.12.2019.

An information meeting on the possibility and rules of participating in the internship will take place on December the 3rd, 2019, from  13:00-16:50 pm, in Hall 2A.

We invite only students of the 3rd and 4th semester of full-time, first-cycle studies in Tourism and Recreation at SGTiH Vistula, and the 3rd and 4th semester of full-time, first-cycle studies in International Relations and AFiB Vistula.

Representatives of the Vistula Universities, the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, and training companies – Asseco Poland and CloudTeam – will be present.

The organisers will conduct the meeting in Polish and English.

Expo – you will see the wonders of the world

EXPO is the world in one place – the largest exhibitions organised periodically, presenting the cultural, scientific, and technical achievements of countries, nations, societies, and communities of the world.

The history of EXPO  already covers 268 years.  The first exhibition took place in 1751, in London. The French built the Eiffel tower before the world exhibition in Paris, in 1889, demonstrating the level of engineering knowledge and technical capabilities of the era. The organisers of subsequent exhibitions have competed in the field of architectural solutions and the momentum of official ceremonies.

It will also be the case in Dubai, which celebrates its Golden Jubilee – the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the United Arab Emirates. Due to climatic conditions, the Expo exhibition will exceptionally take place in the winter – from October the 20th, 2020, to April the 10th, 2021. About 200 countries, including Poland, will take part in it. Twenty-five million visitors will see the exhibition!

You can also participate in what is the most important and most prestigious event in the world!

Recruitment for the internship programme at the Expo in Dubai, runs from December the 3rd, 2019, to May the 15th, 2020.

If you are interested, contact the Design Office at room 329, with the subject ‘Dubai’.

Internships will take place in two rounds, for three months each. The participants do not bear any costs. They receive a scholarship for the time effectively worked within the project. and receiving accommodation in Dubai, air ticket on the route Warsaw – Dubai – Warsaw, KL, NNW insurance, medical examinations within occupational medicine.

The programme is open to students who, at the start of the Expo, will be on the 5th or 6th semester of full-time  Bachelor studies in the field of International Relations and Journalism at  Vistula University, or Tourism and Recreation at the Vistula School of Hospitality.


Memories of Expo 2017 in Astana

This refers to a memorable  Vistula internship programme during the world exhibition. In 2017, students of the last semesters of full-time studies in Finance and Accounting, and Economics, went to Astana in Kazakhstan. In the Polish pavilion, they used the knowledge and skills acquired during their studies. Here are some of their thoughts about attending and participating in the event:-


Daria Janowicz ( who graduated in Finance and Accounting in 2017) declared: – “EXPO 2017 is an adventure of a lifetime, great people, a great place; you can learn a lot. I would love to go to EXPO 2020, if there was such a possibility”.


Alona Pashchenko (she graduated in Finance and Accounting in 2018) reflected: – “What does EXPO mean to me? I will say without hesitation, – an immense amount!   Working at the Polish Pavilion at ‘EXPO 2017’, taught me many things, allowing me to broaden my knowledge, meet a lot of people, develop my skills, and work in the best team. It is worth emphasising the merits of our management – they are not only the best specialists, but above all, great people! I am grateful to everyone with whom I had the opportunity to work! This project has broadened my horizons. I was also able to learn about the culture of Kazakhstan. I am sure that these three months will remain forever in my memory”.


Julia Kravchuk ( who graduated in International Relations in 2018) commented: – “I liked the organisation of the project. Thanks to EXPO, I had the opportunity to work in an international environment. I had a lot of extra tasks that developed me professionally.”


Pavlo Kucher (graduating in Finance and Accounting in 2017) enthused:- “It was the best summer of my life! My only regret is that I did not take advantage of all the opportunities that I had during those three months. I won’t pause for a second, if I have the chance to go to EXPO again, even if I lose financially”.


Anna Lukasiewicz (graduated in Economics in 2017) and she endorsed a wonderful experience: – “An internship at ‘EXPO 2017’ in Astana was one of the best things that happened to me at the start of adulthood. Working with amazing people, both within our group, and from other countries, there was a wonderful atmosphere, a lot of new knowledge, and the opportunity to broaden horizons – in a word, it was an adventure of a lifetime that will stay in my heart forever. I want to go to Dubai EXPO, myself.”


Hanna Nesimko (who graduated in Finance and Accounting in 2017) fondly reminisced:- “Participation in EXPO was, primarily, a massive experience for me. I met new people, new technologies, and a new culture with its traditions. I also discovered my capabilities. During this short time, many exciting events took place, including National Polish Day with the participation of the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda. I would love to experience such moments again, with our excellent team”.


Alina Makipova (who graduated in Economics in 2018) revealed her deep appreciation of the event: – “I am grateful to Vistula, not only for the acquired knowledge, but also for the opportunity to participate in various business training sessions and international exhibitions. It was an honour for me to represent Poland at the international show, ‘EXPO 2017’, in Kazakhstan. I developed teamwork and communication skills. It was a great experience. Work in the Polish Pavilion, talks about new technologies, and meetings with people from around the world, made the summer of 2017 unforgettable!  Ever since 2014, when it transpired that the exhibition would take place in my homeland, I set myself the goal of taking part in it. Thanks to Vistula, we succeeded. During ‘EXPO 2017’, I presented the beauty and richness of the nature of Polish forests, as well as their role in the absorption of carbon dioxide. Each country boasted of its discoveries in the field of green energy. This work brought me joy and pleasure. We didn’t just work in Kazakhstan. We also took part in the entertainment programme. There were concerts, trips, parades, and competitions. I made many friends. I will certainly visit another exhibition in Dubai. You can’t miss the opportunity to attend such events!”.

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