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Welcome to the meeting with Mr Ryszard Petru Polish economist and politician, President of the Society of Polish Economists, the founder and Chairman of the Nowoczesna Party.
The lecture will be held on April 11 at 12:00 in the Hall 4



„Modernizing Europe. A view from Poland“


After 1989 Poland went through successful transformation towards liberal democracy and market economy. In Europe and elsewhere it was even considered as a Polish trademark. Once it joined the NATO and later the European Union the famous „come back to the West“ appeared to be completed and the cherished land ascended. But now Europe fights with almost existential crisis and the forces of disintegration are coming to the fore. In the same time Poland struggles with its own domestic problems of democratic development. How did this story come about? How to fix Europe in order to sustain and renew its citizens belief that it is an enduring success truly worth a Nobel Peace Prize? How can Poland contribite to make the EU effective in managing the problems which are probably not solvable by any nation alone?        


Ryszard Petru – member of the Polish Parliament, leader and founder of a liberal political party – Nowoczesna (Modern). Between 2011 and 2015 he was the chairman of the Association of Polish Economists (TEP), from 2011 to 2014 a partner at PwC. Prior to that, he had held a position of the chief economist and executive director in commercial banks. From 2001 to 2004 Petru worked as an economist for the Polish and Hungarian affairs at the World Bank.


Between 1997 and 2000, when Leszek Balcerowicz was the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance, Petru was his advisor, working on reforms of pension system and public finance. He graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). He is an author of publications on current economic issues, including a book “The end of the free market? The origins of the crisis” (2014).



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