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We encourage you to participate in the Scientific Seminar of the Institute of International Relations “Evolution of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Strategy, from the Washington Treaty to the Warsaw Summit. Theory and Practice.” The lecture will be led by Tadeusz Korablin, PhD in security sciences at the Faculty of Cybernetics of the Military University of Technology.

From the beginning of its creation, NATO has tried to diversify tools to ensure the security of the treaty area. The analysis of key documents of the Alliance from 1949 – 2016 allows us to observe a significant share of non-military tools among them. The evolution of their meaning over the years is noticeable. The assessment of the Alliance’s strategy, understood in a broader sense than only referring to the art of waging war, allows us to pose some important questions:

  1. How did the Alliance approach the use of non-military means of shaping security during the Cold War, when the dominant approach was a realistic approach to security?
  2. What influence on the level of NATO’s use of non-military tools for shaping the security of the Euro-Atlantic area did the changes initiated by the disintegration of the Eastern Bloc and the USSR have?
  3. Are the threats now called asymmetric or hybrid, a new phenomenon, or is it just a matter of changing their name?

The seminar is addressed to all interested and will take place on May 15 at 10:00 in the Senate hall.

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