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Club Ambassador at Vistula University offers a two-day workshop on "multilateral diplomatic negotiations." The workshops are divided into two linguistic views – in Polish April 14-15 and in English April 19-20. We welcome all who want to learn the secrets of negotiation and how to overcome the deadlock during the session?



In a two-day workshop "multilateral diplomatic negotiations" can take part – free of charge – students and lecturers from all universities in Warsaw . The workshop will be held in English April 19-20.



Registration through the form on-line till 17th of April 2016


What are the forms and methods of negotiation? What makes the conference a multilateral mode? How to prevent the crisis in international relations? Organized by the Club Ambassador of Vistula University workshop will allow participants to gain experience in the field of diplomacy, and find out the course of the international conference, which brings together representatives of the countries affiliated to the United Nations.          




On the first day of the workshop participants will take part in a series of lectures on the process and negotiation techniques. The second day will be devoted entirely to the simulation of an international conference organized under the aegis of the UN. Participants will learn, among others, how to properly prepare and deliver a speech, and edit documents for the conference. They will also be able to take an active part in running the meeting of working groups, as well as to speak during the meeting.

– "Diplomacy is not an easy profession, but it gives a lot of opportunities. Students who participate in organized by the Club Ambassador workshops will gain needed every diplomat knowledge and skills necessary during negotiations or diplomatic meetings. The workshop is open to all students interested in the subject of diplomacy with each of the Warsaw university, as well as their teachers "- invites you to participate in workshops prof. Zdzislaw Rapacki, Vistula University.

Ambassador Club unites former ambassadors and held regular meetings on international issues involving students and faculty Afib Vistula. As part of these meetings so far appeared as lecturers, among others, Speaker of the Sejm M. Borowski, Speaker of the Senate prof. L. Pastusiak, Prime Minister Cimoszewicz, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs A. Olechowski, D. Rosati and prof.A.D.Rotfeld, Min. Of Finance St.Kluza, President of the Academy of Sciences prof. M. Kleiber, President of PTE prof. B. Mączyńska, Deputy A. Szejnfeld, as well as the President of "Leviathan" H. Bochniarz and ambassadors of foreign countries accredited in Warsaw. The club organizes in cooperation with the AFib conferences and workshops and its members are actively involved in the educational institution.

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