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In June 2019, it will be thirty years since the political breakthrough, which enabled the restoration of capitalism  in Poland.

Thanks to this, there have been changes in the social structure, marketisation of the economy, its opening up to the world, and joining an  integrating Europe. This has  allowed for a gradual overcoming of  the country’s backwardness,  as well as a significant increase in social well-being. However, this  was done at relatively high costs. So, the question arises, was it possible to avoid some costs, and even achieve more objectives? Further questions would be:  were there any  significant errors affecting the stability of the state system on the occasion of the reconstruction of the economy and social relations? What are the prospects for further development?

The conference of the Institute of Finance of the Faculty of Business and International Relations of AFiB Vistula: “The thirtieth anniversary of the restitution of capitalism in Poland – blues and shadows” will be interdisciplinary, allowing representatives of social sciences from around the country to exchange views. Its purpose is to present various aspects of the Polish transformation. Conference participants will sum up the achievements of the XXXth anniversary in various fields, making comparisons with other countries. They will also analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the system’s transformation process in Poland.


We invite everyone interested.

May the 20th, 2019, at 9:00 am, hall 2A.


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