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The redefinition processes is going on in the world. The center of gravity in global politics moves to the east. New development and policy centers are created there. The most important  is China. The Middle Kingdom is today the second largest economy in the world, and Beijing is an important political player. The Chinese have already the longest bridge in the world, which connected 70 million people. They test a train that rushes 1000 km per hour. They are close to overtake Americans in quantum mechanics.

China will change the world, but how? This is one of the most important questions that researchers in global politics are asking themselves, also in AFiBV. The monograph by prof. Wojciech Huebner, director of the Asian Research Center “The Silk Road and China: history and the present day” is a significant contribution to this researches.

The New Silk Road or The One Belt, One Road  initiative is to connect China with the countries of Central Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Over 60 countries, including Poland, take part in it. The New Silk Road – it’s a huge opportunity and challenge, cooperation, but also competition.

Prof. Hubner will present the most important issues of his monograph during the seminar of the Center for Asian Research AViBV. He presented his main theses during the guest lecture he gave at Kozminski University, during a scientific conference under the slogan “How China will change the world?”


You are welcome

November 7, at 2:00 pm,  in Aula 2a

Vistula University

Stokłosy 3, Warsaw


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