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The reconstruction of the Polish economy, social and political relations, and state institutions, which has been taking place in recent years, has both good and bad results. What mistakes were actually made, whether it was possible to avoid them, and could more have been achieved – these are the main topics of the National Scientific Conference: ’Challenges of the growth of the Polish economy’. The event will take place in autumn, as part of the celebrations of the 30th anniversary of Vistula University.

Thanks to the changes in the social structure in Poland, the progress of marketisation of the economy and its opening up to the world, as well as joining the European Union, Poland, in the last two decades, has experienced an acceleration of economic growth, a significant overcoming of the backwardness of civilisation, and a significant increase in social welfare. However, this was done at a relatively high cost, and with some stress.

In recent years, we have witnessed significant changes in socio-economic policy, resulting in, inter alia, deterioration of the rule of law and democracy, and intensification of relations with the European Union. These changes have brought about various effects for the economy – positive, such as low unemployment, reducing the scale of poverty, and limiting income inequalities, and negative ones, such as slowing down investment processes and the inflow of EU funds, deteriorating public finances, and a significant increase in inflation.

Therefore, the question arises as to whether significant errors have been committed, while attempting to reconstruct the economy, social and political relations, and state institutions, affecting the socio-political stability, polarisation of society, and thus, the possibilities of future development. Were it not for these mistakes, could more have been achieved?

The Scientific Conference ’Challenges for the growth of the Polish economy’, will have an inter-disciplinary character, thanks to co-operation with the Research Institute in the discipline of Political Science and Administration, and the Research Institute in the discipline of Management and Quality Sciences. The event, will enable representatives of social sciences from all over the country, to exchange views. The aim is to show the perspective of further socio-economic development of Poland, and compare its situation with other countries.

We will inform you about further details of the conference at a later stage.

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