Updated 16.10.2020

From October 17th, 2020, the university is switching to an online form of studies. Online education will apply to all programs until further notice.

Order of the Rector of Vistula University

Order of the Rector of Vistula School of Hospitality 


We would like to remind you that in accordance with the Regulations No. 3/09/2020 of the Rectors of the Vistula University and the Vistula School of Hospitality, signed on September 21, 2020, all employees and students are obliged to notify immediately the University of suspected COVID-19 infection, being subject to quarantine, isolation or sanitary observation.

Students inform about this fact the Rector’s Proxy for Security Affairs (m.jasinski@vistula.edu.pl) and the proper rectorate (rektorat@vistula.edu.pl, rektorat.sgtih@vistula.edu.pl ), and the employees also their supervisor .

Violation of the above requirement  may be considered as a case of serious breach of basic employee / student duties.



Updated 20.08.2020

In the new academic year 2020/2021, Vistula is switching to a hybrid form of studies – details here 


Below is the necessary information and tips.

The coronavirus pandemic and its social and economic consequences can be very painful. We know that some of you are in a difficult life and financial situation.
Remember, you are not alone with your worries. Vistula will not leave you in the lurch. Our extensive system of scholarships and grants, which has been available since the beginning of the pandemic, will help you survive in this hard time. Each financial assistance inquiry is considered individually, none has been rejected so far. Do not delay. All information can be found at: https://www.vistula.edu.pl/en/students/scholarships.

  • Today, your safety and health are the most important for us. So stay home. Do not go out without need, because if you meet with others, you may contribute to the spreading of the coronavirus and the number of patients increases. There are not so many beds, respirators, doctors and nurses for everyone to receive help. Remember, staying at home saves the lives of others.

    • Dean's office and other administration departments

      Caring for the health of students and University staff, the Dean’s Office of the Vistula Universities works in a limited mode of contact with students

      If necessary, a student should act according to the following scheme:

      • first, contact your supervisor by e-mail or phone;
      • during a conversation or on the basis of an e-mail we determine, what your real needs are and how we are able to help you.

      Students who have not made an appointment in advance, will not be accepted and served.



      The lending division of the library of Vistula University is open. The deadline for returning borrowed books is 30.06.2020 and won’t be extended – details HERE.

      The Bursar’s Office supports students only via e-mail: kwestura@vistula.edu.pl.

      Please pay your fees to the appropriate bank account (PLN or EUR) or in the cash deposit machine at the University (PLN).

    • Online learning - Platon

      Teaching in ONLINE formula takes place on the PLATON platform.

      The address of the new platform is: https://platon.vistula.edu.pl.
      Access to the platform can also be obtained from the website of our University www.vistula.edu.pl.
      Login – password and login the same as for USOS.
      Instruction in PDF form – download here.
      Instructions in the form of a video – see here.

      You can report any questions, problems and doubts to the Digital Education Department: elearning@vistula.edu.pl,
      22 45 72 382.

    • Financial support

      If the COVID -19 pandemic has significantly deteriorated the student’s financial situation, he or she may apply for financial benefit – (from the state budget) – in the form of INCENTIVE. You can apply for support (INCENTIVE) in the spring semester 2019/2020 many times, even if you have already benefited twice in the current academic year. The right to get INCENTIVE, after submitting a documented application (more https://www.vistula.edu.pl/en/students/scholarships) is as follows:

      1. All students, both domestic and foreign, who meet the basic conditions to apply for material assistance from the state budget.
      2. All foreign students, who started their studies in the academic year, 2019/2020 (all you need to do is provide standard support documentation).

      The application for the allowance should be submitted via the student’s web service.

      If the student is not sure whether he/she is entitled to the support, he can obtain individual information, describing his status, exactly, in the e-mail correspondence addressed to PATRYK KALETA p.kaleta@vistula.edu.pl

    • If you are sick

      In accordance with the recommendations of the Chief Sanitary Inspector for universities in connection with the potential risk of coronavirus infection, we would like to inform you that in case of illness, suspected infection or contact with an infected person, you should immediately notify the sanitary-epidemiological station by phone, or report directly to the infectious ward or observation department contagious, where further medical procedure will be defined.


      Hotline: 800 190 590 int. 6
      Hotline: 606 108 040
      Vistula emergency call: 501 556 557, mail: m.jasinski@vistula.edu.pl

      More information: www.pssewawa.pl

      More information and list of infectious wards: https://www.gov.pl/web/zdrowie/byles-w-chinach-i-zle-sie-czujesz-sprawdz-co-robic 

    • #studentaloneathome

      You don’t like having to stay at home or in the dorm, do you? You are tempted to meet buddies, go to friends for dinner or a party.

      However, this is a special time. Even if you feel great, you can still be infected with the coronavirus and spread it, putting the elderly and the sick people at risk. Be smart and responsible. Stay at home!

      You can use this time developing your competences and interests. You will find on the Internet, online courses from the world’s best universities. You can also learn foreign languages, read, discover the greatest museum collections, watch films, explore literature and even take care of your physical condition. On your smartphone, there are applications that will give you a lot of entertainment.

      Vistula Universities join the Student alone at home campaign, initiated by the Students’ Parliament of the Republic of Poland. The organization has prepared a list of interesting links for you: https://psrp.org.pl/student-sam-w-domu/.  We have also added a few from us and short comments.

      Recommendations below:

      Language courses

      • Duolingo – ‘the most popular language-learning platform and the most downloaded education app in the world’: https://en.duolingo.com/
      • Deutsch zum Mitnehmen – ‘German to go’, a free German course prepared by Deutsche Welle: https://learngerman.dw.com/de/overview
      • Open Culture – ‘How to learn languages for free? This collection features lessons in 48 languages […] Download audio lessons to your computer or mp3 player and you’re good to go: http://www.openculture.com/freelanguagelessons
      • Babel – ‘a premium product, and our iOS and Android apps make our practical language lessons available wherever and whenever’: https://uk.babbel.com/
        ‘Registration with Babbel is completely free of charge and the first lesson in every course is free to try. (Depending on the language you choose, that’s 30-80 free lessons!)’


      • Open Culture – 1.150 Free Movies; 700 Free Audio Books; 800 Free eBooks; Free Art & Images including collections from The Getty, The Rijksmuseum, Smithsonian, The Guggenheim, The National Gallery, Stanford University, British Library, Google Art Project, Getty Images, Guggenheim Art Books New York Public Library Maps, Museum of New Zealand, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, etc.; free music (mostly classical): http://www.openculture.com/
      • OperaVision [YouTube channel] – ‘curated selection of complete performances from leading European opera houses’: https://www.youtube.com/operavision

      Recommended applications for smartphones

      Applications are available on Android and/or iOS – check it out!


      Free time

      • Lumosity – mental development, logic games improving memory and reflexes, mindfulness exercise [iOS, Android]: https://www.lumosity.com/en/
      • Yousician – interactive piano, keyboard, ukulele and guitar learning [iOS, Android]: https://yousician.com/
      • Zooniverse – a website grouping civic science projects belonging to the Citizen Science Alliance. The projects concern scientific disciplines such as astronomy, ecology, climatology, humanities and other [iOS, Android]: https://www.zooniverse.org/
  • If you want to study at Vistula Universities, the employees of our Recruitment Office are at your disposal. We invite you to contact us by email: rekrutacja@vistula.edu.pl or by phone at 22 457 24 00 from Monday to Friday, between 9-17. We will support you at every step and surround you with care.

  • Coronavirus: information and recommendations: https://www.gov.pl/web/coronavirus

    • Why did the University decide to close down for a month?

    We are not closing down – we are changing our traditional classes to an online format. We are doing this because we care about the community, and want to prevent you from getting sick. We also follow all the instructions of the sanitary services in Poland. No one from the community should get coronavirus. If we receive such information, we are obliged to inform all of you.

    • How exactly will the e-learning classes be conducted?

    We will use the PLATON platform, on which all the classes will be available. You have received detailed instruction by e-mail on how to use it.

    • Will the professors be able to cope with the new type of system and actually teach us? 

    Yes. Many of them have been using it for several years, for some courses already, the rest will be trained, and will get full administrative support.

    • How does it affect the final year students? BA/MA Diploma deadlines, graduation, Diploma defence?

    We are doing everything to minimise any influence. Everything can be done online, and we believe that prior to theses defences, the situation will have calmed down.

    • Will I still be able to get my diploma this summer, if I get accepted for an MA to a different university, and I need to submit it in the summer? 

    Yes, at the moment, nothing changes.

    • Should we stay in Warsaw, or is it better to travel somewhere else? 

    Warsaw, and other parts of Poland are, at the moment, safer than most of the other parts of Europe. However, do try to avoid public transport and crowded places.

    • Were there any cases of the virus at our University?

    No. If they were, we would be obliged by the sanitary services to inform you.

    • Can I go back to my country for this month?

    We cannot prohibit you from leaving Poland, but be aware that Polish sanitary service may not let you back.

    • Is the library functioning? 

    Not in the traditional way. The regular library is closed until 2020.06.14.  You can only use the online library. All materials that were supposed to be returned during the cancellation of classes at Vistula University, will be extended until 2020.06.15. Readers – please ignore automatic information about penalty fees sent to your e-mails.

    • Is it possible to make an appointment with an employee of the Dean’s Office?

    The meeting should be the last resort for settling matters. Try other alternatives first if you can. We can probably handle your case without having to meet in person. So, initially, write an e-mail to your supervisor in the Dean’s Office. Addresses can be found at https://www.vistula.edu.pl/en/students/deans-office.

    • How can I get a visa/residence card or work certificate?

    At this time, most institutions accept electronic documents. Contact the supervisor from the Dean’s Office, and include the following information in the message: your album number, name, and type of document needed. The supervisor will prepare an appropriate document and send it back to your e-mail address. We can also send you documents by post, though it is a less secure solution for you than e-mail.

    • Will I be able to return to Poland if I leave now?

    It does not depend on us. The Polish government has partially closed the borders for most foreigners (for 10 days, but with the option of an extension). There is a risk that foreign students will not be able to return to Poland quickly.

    • What actions do I need to take to resume my studies now?

    Contact your supervisor at the Dean’s Office. The supervisor will guide you through the entire resumption procedure without you having to visit the University.

    • How can I change the field of study/mode of study?

    Contact your supervisor at the Dean’s Office. The supervisor will guide you through the entire procedure of changing the direction of your studies, without having to visit the University.

  • Order of the Rector of Vistula University - 16.10.2020

  • Order of the Rector of Vistula School of Hospitality - 16.10.2020

  • Order of the Rector of Vistula University

  • Order of the Rector of Vistula School of Hospitality

  • Safety rules at the Vistula University during COVID-19 pandemic

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