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Learn Chinese in Vistula – invest in your future

If you want to succeed, you must invest in yourself. Learning Chinese will turn you into a great asset, as China is a global player, over 1.3 billion people speak Chinese, so, this language is becoming more and more important in science and business.
It, therefore, makes sense to learn Chinese at Vistula. The courses are run by the renowned Confucius Institute.

Chinese lessons are almost free!

This is a unique opportunity for students and employees of Vistula. Chinese lessons are almost free of charge. You will pay only 3 PLN for one lesson. The fee for a semester (40 classes) is 120 PLN.
People from outside the university can also attend our classes, in exchange for a small fee.

Our students are prepared for the official HSK exam, and they have the possibility of almost free trips to China – as part of a student exchange, for an internship or summer camp. You can also study in China for up to a year.

Confucius Classroom in Vistula – great experience and reputation

The Confucius Classroom is a public institution co-established by Vistula University, Confucius Institute in Hanban, and the Tianjin University of Technology in China. Its purpose is to teach Chinese language, and to facilitate cultural exchanges. Our teachers are experienced native speakers. The Institute also offers Wushu lessons, along with the opportunity to take part in many interesting projects, such as Chinese culture workshops.

The courses start on October the 14th. Enrolment lasts until October the 11th.

If you want to know more, write to: or come to room 401, the time is 10:00 am-1:00 pm till 4th October and 10:00 am-3:30 pm from 7th October.

Apply online

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