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You will lose unnecessary kilograms, improve your form, unload your emotions and gain confidence. Now at Vistula University, you will learn one of the most effective martial arts at an attractive price – 70 PLN for 8 hours in a month.

Wing Tsun is a variety of Kung Fu that was born nearly 400 years ago in the famous Shaolin Monastery. Today,  members of the world’s best special services use it. The legendary Bruce Lee began with it. It is a martial art that serves to defend against a bigger and stronger opponent, without using excessive violence.

Wing Tsun is different from traditional Kung Fu. There are no animal-imitating movements in it. It based on knowledge of human anatomy and the rules of physics.

You will feel safer thanks to the knowledge of the martial art of Wing Tsun:

  • it is easy;
  • suitable for all ages and genders;
  • uses the energy of the attacker;
  • provides effective control and defence against the knife, sticks and firearms close.

Wing Tsun is also an excellent form of physical activity:

  • you burn up to 1,000 calories per hour;
  • develop a better shape;
  • you will gain more confidence and courage;
  • build discipline and focus;
  • learn to overcome adversity;
  • you will gain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength;
  • release stress and increase energy levels;
  • you will build new friendships.

Change your life for the better – start your journey with ATILIM WingTsun – Escrima today!


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