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The renowned publishing house, Routledge Studies in Management, Organizations, and Society, part of the Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, has just published a book which was edited by excellent lecturers from Vistula University, Elżbieta Jędrych, Ph.D., and Prof. Zbigniew Olesiński, PhD., supported by Agnieszka Rzepka, PhD. ’Self-Management, Entrepreneurial Culture, and Economy 4.0. A Contemporary Approach to Organisational Theory Development’, was created as a result of research in six countries: Poland, the USA, Great Britain, Georgia, India, and Hungary. It presents the evolution of self-management and entrepreneurial culture in the era of economy 4.0, and shows how the idea of ‘turquoise organisations’ will develop.

The book provides much insight into the changing paths of development of contemporary organisations. The focus is on the idea of turquoise organisations, as described by Frederic Laloux. They are characterised by the de-centralisation of structures, an increase in self-management of both individual employees and individual employee teams, indicating the necessity to constantly update the organisation’s goals through benchmarking, and an increase in the role and importance of multiculturalism in the functioning of employee teams.

The increase in the role of innovation and creativity within the organisation is of great importance, which is facilitated by the intensification of inter-organisational co-operation, and the generation of so-called soft management factors, such as knowledge, trust, multiculturalism, human capital, organisational capital, inter-organisational capital, and others.

The book is addressed to scientists, experts, managers, and students of management.

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