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The international research project “Effects of Industry 4.0 on FDI in the Visegrád countries” has ended and its result is the final report. The aim of the project is to raise public attention and stimulate discussion on Industry 4.0 and foreign direct investment.

The project “Effects of Industry 4.0 on FDI in the Visegrád countries” was coordinated by the Vistula University and financially supported by the International Visegrad Fund. The intention of the researchers who participated in the project was to show how Industry 4.0, which brings increased efficiency, innovation, cost reduction, revenue growth and better customer service, affects the Visegrad Group countries as a popular destination region for foreign direct investment.

Thanks to FDI, all V4 countries made a huge development leap. Today, they face similar challenges – labour shortage, wage growth, low level of digitization of enterprises compared to the European average. At the same time, they intensively compete with each other for FDI projects in the automotive, electronics and machinery industries.

In the recently published final report “Effects of Industry 4.0 on FDI in the Visegrád countries”, authors present a fresh perspective on these extremely interesting issues. They emphasize the specificity of FDI in the Visegrád Group and show similarities and differences between individual countries. They present the results of the research and discuss the impact of digital transformation on the competitiveness of companies and the attractiveness of locations. They also define specific problems and challenges and formulate recommendations for decision-makers in the area of ​​attracting and retaining foreign direct investment. In a time of increasing protectionism, instability and inequality and on the eve of the fourth industrial revolution, this is a key to the development of the V4.


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