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There has never been such a winter yet. Due to the pandemic, this is an extremely cruel time. Seniors struggle with the greatest problems. They are often sick, lonely, and excluded. Let’s get them out of the shadow zone. Let’s help together with Lions Club Gentium and Caritas Polska.

Each of us can become a volunteer of Lions Club Warsaw Gentium, as long as is healthy and wants to help people, especially the elderly and sick. Help is especially needed when shopping * for seniors in various parts of Warsaw, including Śródmieście, Mokotów, and Ursynów. All you need is some time, a smile, and a good word.

Lions Club Warsaw Gentium is part of the largest humanitarian association in the world, accredited by the United Nations, which helps people locally and globally through volunteering. Lions Club Warsaw Gentium is a multinational organization. It brings together Italians, Germans, British, Americans, Japanese, and representatives of many other countries who live in Poland. The priority in its activities is to protect the environment, fight diabetes and childhood cancer. In times of pandemic, it helps those most affected by the plague.

At the Vistula level, help action is organized by Agnieszka Uflewska, PhD, Internalization Coordinator and Tom Hashimoto, PhD, economics lecturer and member of the Lions Club Warsaw Gentium. Tom will be happy to answer any questions related to Caritas and Lions Club, and Lions Club Warsaw Gentium will be happy to issue you with a certificate commemorating your commitment.


Let’s be together this special winter!






*The organization reimburses the purchase costs based on the bills presented.

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