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A student of Vistula University, Bunga Almia Gane Sari Santina Putri, contributes to the development of an innovative technological English learning toy for pre-schoolers in Indonesia. The product has already won important awards, and will go into mass production.

Research shows that the level of English proficiency in Indonesia is very low. The country ranks 71st out of 100 countries, where research has been conducted.

Students at State University of Malang set out to find a solution to this problem. They rightly assumed that Indonesians should be taught English from an early age.

The team, which included a student of English Philology from Vistula University, Bunga Almia Gane Sari Santina Putri, developed a FELA Playmat – an innovative technological educational toy, in the form of an English language learning mat for pre-schoolers a FELA Playmat. It is equipped with an interactive keyboard, and with an LCD screen. There has not been a similar product produced in Indonesia, so far. Now, thanks to the use of this solution, learning English will be more effective and enjoyable.

The FELA Playmat project can be developed in the future, and can also be adapted to higher education. The toy has already won two medals at international events – a gold medal in the World Science, Environment and Engineering Competition, and a silver medal in the Indonesia Education International Innovative Competition.

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