Prof. Wawrzyniec Konarski


Faculty:  Business and International Relations

Field of study: International Relations; Journalism and Social Communication


Professor of Political Science, with post-doctoral degree (2002), currently professor at the Vistula University in Warsaw, formerly at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Warsaw University of Social Sciences and Humanities and University of Warsaw; he has been participant of ca. 200 research conferences and a visiting scholar at the universities and educational institutions in Poland and in Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Great Britain and Hungary, as well as in Chile, the North Korea and the USA; an author of more than ten monographs, including: Selected Problems of the Independent Ireland’s Political System (1988), Irreconcilables: The Story of the Irish Republican Army (1991), A Legacy of Hatred: On the Conflict in Northern Ireland (in English – 1991), Predominant Party System: The Case of Ireland (in English – 1994), Pragmatists and Idealists: Origins, Typology and Evolution of the Political Parties in the Twentieth Century Irish Nationalism (2001), The Constitutional System of Ireland (2005), The Balkans: Ethnocultural Roots of the Conflict (2006, co-author and co-editor), Germany-Poland: Coming Closer (in German – 2007, co-author and editor), The Crisis of Leadership in the Contemporary Politics  (2011, co-author and co-editor), Political Scientist on Politics: Interviews, Comments, Opinions and Expertises (2008-2014) (2014), and almost 200 articles, expert appraisements, encyclopedic entries, and critical reviews (political science, cultural studies, media studies and international relations) published in Poland, Belarus, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, United Kingdom; member of Polish and international scientific organizations, incl.: Polish Society for the Cooperation with the Club of Rome (deputy president since 2011), Polish Political Science Association (PPSA, Polish, 2003, deputy president in 2007-2010), International Political Science Association (IPSA, 2008), University Association for Contemporary European Studies (UACES, British and European, 1998-2012). He comments Polish and international politics extensively in manifold Polish and World media.


Scholarly interests:

  • systems of government, political parties and political leadership in democratic and authoritarian systems;
  • widely understood connections – analysed in a modern historical perspective – between ethnicity, nationalism and politics, as well as migrations’ aspects in selected countries;
  • the analyses of manifold political systems in the Polish and world media;
  • global problems in the context of the current challenges, including the Club of Rome activities.
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