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3 years (6 semesters)



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Polish, English


AFiB Vistula


    The direction of Economics  owes its popularity to broad professional development prospects, which are offered here to its graduates. Key jobs in many sectors of the economy require a good measure of competence in economics, so studying a degree in economics is a ticket to contemporary  professional and business career, including the ability to set up and develop your own company.

    Economics  undergraduate (BA level) studies at the Vistula University is an excellent education opportunity for people who want to work in a modern, dynamic and innovative environment. Economics opens the door to many professions and allows to develop later your career in a creative way – all based on the solid knowledge acquired from highly qualified lecturers and business practitioners and on the direct experience gained from professional support training.

    The main aim of these studies is to provide access to modern, standard, world quality knowledge of micro-and macroeconomics, and to acquire specific knowledge from the chosen specialisation. At Vistula, an attempt has been made to follow the latest trends in teaching practiced by leading educational institutions oft he world – all conducted in a unique, multicultural environment.

    Within Economics, there are three undergraduate specialties, including a newly introduced one, which helps understand the ongoing political and economic changes in the world. Here, the focus  is on modern processes of integration between regions and continents and analysis of unprecedented mega-projects such as the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative together with an assessment of their impact on contemporary Europe, Poland and the rest of the world.

    The respective  specializations in Economics are:

    • Economics of the Enterprise;
    • International Business;
    • the Economics of the New Silk Road.  

    The Vistula University allows you to study in a multicultural environment and gain experience how to navigate in the multi-cultural academic environment. The theoretical fundament will be supplemented by valuable insights into business practices.

    Check out the section “Professional Practice” and discover what career opportunities are waiting for you! Economics for the BA degree you can also study online.

    By choosing to study online, you can take 60% of the respective classes over the Internet, from anywhere in the world.

    Here, read more about the possibility of online studies .

    Studies of Economics at the Academy of Finance and Business Vistula have been designed with the future of students in mind, so classes are conducted by academic and business experts in particular fields with specializations adjusted to the actual needs of the market.

    In the Academy of Finance and Business Vistula we generally focus on the practical aspect of the studies, which holds true also in the case of Economics. These studies are not only an excellent opportunity to acquire some theoretical background knowledge. You will be also provided with opportunities to get valuable experience and practice through internships organized over the period of the six semesters of studies. Such training is not compulsory, but should be recognised as a true value for students who want to succesfully get started their professional careers. It is organised by  business partners of our University who engage students in their projects.


    Studies at the Academy of Finance and Business Vistula, will provide you with the required competence to become a specialst in important fields of economics.


    • List of obligatory classes
      • Introduction to economics
      • Introduction to finances
      • Introduction to management
      • Introduction to law
      • Microeconomics 1-2
      • Descriptive statistics
      • Mathematics 1
      • Mathematics 2 (financial)
      • Introduction to accounting
      • Macro-economics 1-2
      • Mathematical statistics
      • Enterprise
      • Socio-economic analysis
      • Introduction to econometrics
      • Accounting 1
      • Global economy 1-2
      • Corporate finances
      • Econometrics
      • Information technologies
      • History of economics
      • Intercultural communication
      • Social psychology
      • Foreign language 1-2
      • BA seminar
      • Physical education
  • The Economics programme (Bachelor’s level) offers three sub-majors: international business I, corporate economics I and international economic relations.

    The direction of Economics (Bachelor’s degree) will allow you to undertake studies along of the three specializations:

    • International Business (I) ,
    • Economics of the Enterprise (I)
    • Economics of the New Silk Road.  

    Here, you will learn how to efficiently conduct business abroad. You will acquire knowledge on the functioning of enterprises in the international environment – their trade, marketing and investment activities. What’s more, you will learn how to professionally carry out market research at home and abroad, effectively negotiate and conclude contracts in a multicultural environment.

    List of classes in the international business I specialization:


    When choosing this specialization, you will learn everything you need to manage your own business. You will learn about necessary legal, financial and organizational requirements in a given national and regional environment, as well as about the factors influencing contemporary business. The knowledge will be transferred to you directly by experienced academic experts and businesspeople, who will teach you how to prepare a business plan and carry out an  analysis of variety of risks and opportunities.

    List of classes in the economic of the enterprise I specialization:



    This specialization combines the knowledge of the most recent changes (with particular regard to the current impulses generated by the Chinese Initiative of Belt and Road) on multiple levels , as seen from various perspectives: at the global level (the structural economic and political changes in the world), in selected (with regard to their special importance) countries of the Eurasia region, in strategically important economic sectors, and in specialized, key enterprises of a new type. Specialization Economics of the New Silk Road aims at providing current knowledge and unique expertise, among others, on economic problems of transportation, functioning of the logistics markets as well as development of international businesses, with particular reference to Asian business links – all exposing the role of the current Initiative of Belt and Road.

    The knowledge and skills to be passed on to the student body under this specialization are based on a unique experience of our own faculty gathered mainly in the Asia Research Centre of the Vistula’s Academy of Finance and Business. Our faculty consists of leading experts in contemporary Asian economies (including such specific areas as their transportation networks and  logistics), experts in political relations among its sub-regions and their links with Europe, as well as the cultural aspect of conducting economic and business activity. They are also unique  specialist in the analysis of the ancient Silk Road – of the historical background ideas that inspired current Chinese Belt and Road Initiative.

    An important source of knowledge and skills our students could acquire under this specialization is an academic expertise combined with  unique practical experience of our faculty that is developing direct cooperation ties with the representatives and institutions of the countries of contemporary Eurasia. This could also create a specific opportunity for our students whom we treat as our partners in this important endeavor.

    List of classes in the international economics of the New Silk Road specialization:

    The Economics Bachelor’s programme will enable you to take your first steps in your dream career. Sub-majors tailored to market needs will help you achieve this. Our expert research and teaching faculty will share with you useful, practical knowledge. During the non-obligatory internships, you will have the chance to work with our University’s business partners and, after graduation, apply for work in one of three sectors: business, public administration, and education.

    See for yourself that Vistula is the best University in practice. Find out the benefits of studying Economics.


    Ready for work
    The complex knowledge shared by our lecturers and practitioners means that the Economics programme will give you a competitive edge on the job market. During the three-year Bachelor’s programme, you will not only gain theoretical knowledge, but, thanks to your first successful projects – practical skills as well. This will make searching for your dream job much easier.

    Global possibilities
    We offer no less than two sub-majors devoted to understanding the global financial market, which proves that Vistula University thinks globally. Thanks to the knowledge of how corporations function in the international environment, how to perform foreign market research, and conduct transactions in intercultural environments, you will be ready to take up work abroad, as well.

    Expert knowledge
    By studying Economics, you will gain specialist knowledge, with which you will be able to take your first steps towards your chosen career. All this thanks to our courses, taught by renowned practitioners and specialist sub-majors.

    The Economics Bachelor’s programme will enable you to start a successful professional career. Practical sub-majors will enable you to become an attractive candidate for a great variety of companies and institutions. The curriculum has been designed to best prepare you for a career in three different fields: business, the public sector, and education.

    In the business sector, you will be able to apply for jobs requiring analytical and management skills in:

    • corporations,
    • companies,
    • banks.

    As an Economics graduate, you will be equipped with the knowledge necessary, to start your own business.

    In the public sector, you have a chance to work in government in:

    • EU institutions,
    • government ministries,
    • central banks,
    • regulatory bodies,
    • international institutions,
    • central and local administration.

    In the education sector, you can expect to find employment in:

    • the world of academia,
    • research centres focused on economic analysis and predictions.
  • Tuition fee for full-time and part-time studies (including mobile studies) (BA/MA) in Polish – students from outside the EU

    Registration fee Tuition fee (per year) Tuition fee (per semester)
    Full-time and part-time studies 120 € 1 450 € 775 €

    Tuition fee for full-time studies (BA/MA) in English – EU and other countries citizens*

    Registration fee Tuition fee (per year) Tuition fee (per semester)
    Full-time studies 120 € 2 500 € 1 350 €

    *The group of citizens of other countries paying the same fees as EU citizens includes: citizens of other European countries, of all countries in the North and South America, the Caribbean as well as citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

    Tuition fee for full-time studies (BA/MA) in English – citizens from the remaining countries*

    Registration fee Tuition fee (per year)
    Full-time studies 200 € 3 500 €

    *This does not apply to the students from the countries in Europe which are not EU members, students from North and South America, the Caribbean and from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

    Resolution of Executive Board about the fees


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