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Postgraduate studies

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1.5 year (3 semesters)



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AFiB Vistula

    Post-graduate studies at Vistula University are the perfect solution for those who want to develop professionally, or pursue a hobby, in their chosen field. If you would like to work as a career counsellor, then the Career Counselling and Talent Management with Elements of Coaching programme is ideal for you!

    Over the course of the studies, you will discover the principles governing the career counselling market, both for counsellors, and their potential clients. Not only will you learn to give individualised career advice to your clients, but you will receive such advice, yourself.

    Vistula University emphasises the practical applications of the taught material, and this is why, over the duration of 240 hours of courses (or 360 for the three-semester option), you can expect numerous workshops on facetoface and phone counselling; – these will resemble authentic counselling sessions, conducted in real time.

    The Career Counselling and Talent Management with Elements of Coaching programme has been designed to best prepare you to work in career counselling, career coaching, or as a talent management specialist. You will be taught by practising professionals, which include certified trainers and consultants, utilising tools, such as Spadochron, MBTI, TTI Success Insights, Career Direct, Personality ID, and ICC. These tools are invaluable for career counsellors, as they give scientific insight into your client’s personality type. This, in turn, makes selecting a matching career much easier.

    After graduating from the Career Counselling and Talent Management with Elements of Coaching programme, you will acquire the qualifications necessary, in order to become a career counsellor or talent management specialist. If you choose to complete an additional, third semester, you will also be able to become a guidance counsellor, suited to working with youths.

    As a graduate of this programme, you will have the skills necessary to:

    • Measure your client’s preferences and aptitude.
    • Present your client with a job competency profile.
    • Determine the professions, in which your client will quickly become a specialist.
    • Determine the professions, from which your client will derive professional satisfaction.
    • Create an individualised action plan for your client.
    • Present an individualised job seeking method.
    • Create application documents.
    • Prepare your client for job interviews.


    • County Employment Agencies, Province Employment Agencies,
    • Social Welfare Centres, Voluntary Labour Corps,
    • University Career Offices, Universities (as a lecturer),
    • Psychological and Pedagogical Counselling Centres,
    • Private Special Psychological and Pedagogical Counselling Centres,
    • Centres for Practical Training and Continuing Education,
    • Military Occupation Activation Centres,
    • Family Support Centres, Orphanages,
    • Job Centres, Career Guidance Agencies,
    • HR Departments,
    • Supported Employment Enterprises,
    • Institutions, carrying out EU projects,
    • Career coaching firms,
    • Own business.

    Learn more about how to apply for the post-graduate programme, and join us as a student at Vistula University!

  • The two-semester Career Counselling and Talent Management with Elements of Coaching programme will enable you to become a career counsellor. You can also choose a three-semester version to acquire additional competencies, and become a guidance counsellor, working with youths in education.

    After graduating, you will be able to independently carry out the guidance process. You will acquire practical skills, taught by industry veterans. At Vistula University, you will have the unique opportunity to evaluate your progress in meetings with studies’ supervisors.

    The Career Counselling and Talent Management with Elements of Coaching programme will encourage you to learn more about yourself. You will be examined using CAREER DIRECT, a professional diagnostic tool, which will determine your personality type, skills, and interests, and provide a detailed examination report.

    Post-graduate programme admissions are conducted on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis, so, if you want to develop your career counselling skills, apply today!

  • Aleksandra Szurek

    Aleksandra is a Career Counsellor, an ICC coach, a Career Direct and Personality ID Consultant, an Academic, Trainer, and Supervisor. She is a graduate of the University of Gdańsk’s  Psychology programme, as well the Career Counselling and Competency Management Study at the Warsaw School of Economics.

    She prepares future career counsellors for working with clients, by supervising and teaching post-graduate courses, according to her own curriculum. She organises workshops and gives lectures on discovering personal interests and aptitude, as well as career and time management. She possesses the qualifications necessary to perform specialised Personality ID examinations, which diagnose soft skills in teams, as well as in couples and their marriage aptitudes. In addition, she publishes articles on personal development. She collaborates with Vistula University, and the Institute for Personal Development “Sens”, among others. Aleksandra has also worked in market and public opinion research agencies for a number of years.


    • Certified ICC Coach
    • Member of the International Coaching Community and the Association of Polish Coaches (Stowarzyszenie Coachów Polskich)
  • Rules:
    Vistula University post-graduate admissions are conducted on a ‘first-come, first-served basis’. Post-graduate candidates must submit the following documents:

    • application form – download,
    • BA or MA programme diploma or copy,
    • Identity card copy (the original for verification),
    • 1 photograph (37×52 mm),
    • Tuition confirmation of payment.

    The entire cost of tuition is: PLN 5,500.
    The tuition can be paid in a single instalment, or two instalments, one for each semester:

    • PLN 2750 – 1st instalment to be paid before the start of the academic year.
    • PLN 2750 – 2nd instalment to be paid before the start of the 2nd semester.

    The tuition cost for the 3rd semester is PLN 2,500.

    An advance on the tuition fee of PLN 200 must be paid before the 30th of September, 2017.
    We offer a 10% discount for students who pay in a single instalment.

    After completing two semesters, you will be able to apply for a third semester, which grants the legal qualifications necessary, to become a guidance counsellor (in accordance with MENiS regulations).

    Account number:
    Santander Bank Polska – 61 1090 1694 0000 0001 1105 7177

    payment AFiB


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