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1 Year (2 semesters)



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AFiB Vistula


    Vistula University, in response to the market’s need for qualified testers, has established a post-graduate programme in Software Testing. The programme is ideal for all those who are just starting an IT career, as well as for those who would like to expand their competencies, when it comes to software system development and quality control.

    The programme aims at teaching you practical skills, which will enable you to find employment in software quality control, as well as enabling you to take the international tester exam, administered by the ISTQB. By choosing this programme, you will become an expert on:

    • software verification and validation,
    • detecting functional and non-functional errors (e.g. in performance, reliability, and usability),
    • preventing software malfunctions and identifying their reasons,
    • Quality Assurance,
    • Quality Control.

    Every graduate of the Software Testing programme has the possibility (for a fee) to obtain the international ISTQB certificate (Foundation Certificate in Software Testing), by taking an exam, administered in collaboration with the TESTERZY service (

    The programme’s partners are , as well as the companies DREDAR and 21CN.

    As a graduate of this programme, you will have the skills necessary to:

    • Conduct a test using various techniques.
    • Apply testing automation tools.
    • Develop test scenarios.
    • Compile test data sets.
    • Report on errors.
    • Create testing documentation.
    • Collaborate with teams of analysts, designers, and programmers.


    Learn more about how to apply for the post-graduate programme, and join us as a student at Vistula University!

  • The curriculum of the Software Testing (post-graduate level) programme has been designed, in close collaboration with a group of experienced professionals dealing in quality management of software projects, as well as recruiting and teaching software testers, analysts, and test managers. The courses assume the form of seminars (lectures combined with case studies), as well as computer lab workshops.

    As a student, you will gain access to all training materials, and you will be able to utilise them whenever you want. The curriculum has been tailored to a wide target audience, so you can rest assured that you will acquire the knowledge necessary, to achieve professional success.

    The programme has been tailored to a wide target audience, including:

    • Masters and Bachelors of Science.
    • Software testers in IT companies, employed as: software testers, test specialists, test engineers, quality engineers, and quality assurance specialists.
    • Programmers, analysts, implementation specialists, and other IT industry experts, who would like to expand their knowledge, acquire new qualifications, and develop their knowledge of software development, in addition to mastering the methods used in software quality control and assurance.
    • All those who co-ordinate and organise teams responsible for the development, testing, implementation, purchasing and acceptance testing of information systems.
    • Everyone with a keen interest in new technologies, those who are discerning and think critically, and are looking for their perfect, well-paying job.

    Post-graduate programme admissions are conducted on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis, so if you want to develop your software testing skills, apply today!

  • Dariusz Drezno

    Dariusz is the originator and organiser of the programme. In collaboration with the experts of, he developed the vision and curriculum of a post-graduate programme in software testing – a practical response to the needs of employers. He is a manager with more than ten years of experience in leading, international, functional and performance testing teams, as well as technical documentation and training teams. Telecommunication, embedded systems, production management – these are just some of the fields where he has assumed responsibility for the quality of the software, documentation, and technical training.

    He has employed and trained dozens of testers over the course of his career, and he enjoys meeting them in companies and at conferences – as test managers, experienced testers, or speakers.

    He has worked for Comarch, Nokia, Motorola, Apriso and Sabre. He currently works as an independent quality assurance, testing and technical communication consultant and trainer, as well as operating his own company, providing test and technical documentation management services.

  • Dariusz Drezno

    Dariusz is an experienced manager with many years of experience in leading international technical documentation teams, training programmes, and software tests. Telecommunication, embedded systems and production management are just some of the fields, where he has assumed responsibility for the quality of the software, documentation, and technical training. He has worked for Comarch, Nokia, Motorola, Apriso and Sabre. He is, currently, an independent technical communication, quality assurance and testing consultant and trainer.

    Adam Basek

    Adam Basek

    Adam is a test manager with more than 5 years of experience. A graduate of Project Management at the Warsaw School of Economics, he has participated in the testing of medical, billing, insurance, and sales systems. He is currently responsible for testing production management systems in factories in Italy and the United States. Adam is an expert on tests requiring GMP standards. His passions include the psychological aspects of management (predominantly teaching, motivation, and proactivity), and developing functioning and pleasant processes. In his career, he has recruited and trained both testers and managers. He strongly emphasises working with customers, and achieving their business goals. Adam is also the Polish Team Champion in software testing of the Testing Cup competition.

    Remigiusz Dudek, MS

    An experienced programmer, tester, trainer, and manager. Remigiusz is a graduate of the AGH University of Science and Technology, and has worked at companies, such as Capgemini, IBM, Luxoft, and CodeSprinters. He often speaks at conferences on software quality and agile management. He started out as a Java programmer, eventually crossing over to software quality. He has also worked as a Project Manager – being able to look at problems from different positions, helps him in choosing the optimal solution. In his work, he uses agile project management. He is an outspoken advocate of Behaviour Driven Development, attempting to express aspects of business with code, in the most optimal and legible way possible – while encouraging business people to read code testing documentation at the same time.

    Jfusnik Foto

    Jarosław Fuśnik, MS

    A quality assurance specialist with 7 years of experience in testing and software quality assurance. In his years working for a leader in private medical services, he has encountered numerous problems and challenges related to databases, including the protection of sensitive data. His tasks also included leading teams of testers, performance tests, and functional test automation. He is currently a QA engineer at an e-commerce company.

    Adrian Gonciarz

    Adrian Gonciarz, MS

    Adrian is a graduate of the Faculty of Physics of the Jagiellonian University (nuclear physics). Testing is both his profession and his hobby, and the companies he has worked in include Appdate Development, Oracle, and DREDAR. He is a co-organiser of the Kraków tester meet ups titled KraQA – the most popular and highly-rated local testing initiative in Poland. He started his career working for start ups such as Spinlister and Appetize, where he spent a number of years working on mobile and web applications. He is currently Test Manager at DREDAR, where he is responsible for the quality of applications supporting the Polish network of parcel stations. His passions include testing and personal development, in addition to soft skills and Ruby on Rails. Adam is also the Polish Team Champion in software testing of the 2016 Testing Cup competition.

    Piotr Zaremba, PhD

    Piotr is a long-time lecturer at: Vistula University, Maria Sklodowska-Curie Warsaw Higher School, the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology, Warsaw University, and others. His interests include practical applications of programming languages (Java, C#, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Scala, Ruby, VB), programming platforms (Eclipse, JEE, Visual Studio, .NET), and computational packages (Octave, R).

    Piotr Krzosa Profile

    Piotr Krzosa

    Piotr is an expert on software production and software quality assurance. He is a long-time programmer, utilising his knowledge and experience for the purposes of automatic testing. He also trains others on automatic testing, and unit testing, using xUnit libraries and open source tools. Piotr is also a veteran, when it comes to testing software for large banking projects, as well as his own projects related to web applications, mobile software, desktop applications, and multimedia entertainment, including game development.


    Monika Braun

    Monika is a quality assurance and quality control specialist. She is a certified Quality Management System Assistant and Auditor (ISO 9001). For more than 10 years, she has been involved in quality control and assurance in commercial projects for Polish, European and South American market leaders in telecommunication, banking, and logistics. In her everyday work, she ensures that the companies she works for, deliver only the highest-quality products. She has spoken at the largest Polish conferences on quality, in addition to being a supervisor at Akademia Jakości (Quality Academy). Monika also actively trains testers and test managers.

    Radek Smilgin

    Radosław Smiglin

    Radosław is an independent trainer and consultant on requirements engineering and software quality testing and assurance. A tester and test manager, he is a testing expert, training others in software testing and requirements analysis. Radosław holds the ISTQB Foundation and Advanced Level certificates. He is the owner of the and services, a co-founder of,, and


    Tomasz Bonior

    Tomasz is a Quality Assurance Leader, possessing experience in leading international testing teams. Test automation is his passion, and he is experienced in designing, implementing, and maintaining automated test structures. A certified tester, he has 10 years of experience in testing banking, insurance, and CRM applications. He is the organiser of Bright Talks, and a co-organiser of KraQA – the best tester meet up initiative of 2014. Tomasz believes that the sharing of experiences is a tremendously important element of development, and it is something that he works hard to promote. He is active in the testing community as a speaker (Quality Academy – testing and IT project quality), as a competitor in Polish testing championships (Testing Cup) and as a participant of conferences and seminars (Quality Excites, Test Well, Testwarez).


    Adam Pucko

    Adam is a quality assurance consultant. He helps organisations optimise their quality management and testing processes. A computer science graduate at the Jagiellonian University, his knowledge of testing and quality assurance is a result of many years spent working at companies, such as: Comarch, IBM, Motorola, Nokia, and Inittec. His experience has helped him develop testing teams, and co-author and implement quality assurance strategies. He is an advocate of lifelong learning and improvement, as well as being vehemently against repeating the same mistakes.

  • Rules:

    Vistula University post-graduate admissions are conducted on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis. Post-graduate candidates must submit the following documents:

    • application form – download,
    • BA or MA programme diploma or copy,
    • Identity card copy (the original for verification),
    • 1 photograph (37×52 mm),
    • Tuition confirmation of payment.


    The entire cost of tuition is: PLN 6,000
    The tuition can be paid in a single instalment, or two instalments, one for each semester:

    • PLN 3,000 – 1st instalment to be paid before the start of the academic year.
    • PLN 3,000 – 2nd instalment to be paid before the start of the 2nd semester.

    An advance on the tuition fee of PLN 200 must be paid before the 30th of September, 2017.
    We offer a 10% discount for students who pay in a single instalment.

    Account number:
    Santander Bank Polska – 61 1090 1694 0000 0001 1105 7177.

    Regulations of Postgraduate studies


Contact to Admissions Office of Postgraduate Studies Center

Dorota Cakar

tel. +48 22 45 72 363
room: 220 (II floor)



Marzena Hinzmann

​tel. +48 22 45 72 329
room: 220 (II floor)

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