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Postgraduate studies

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1 Year (2 semesters)



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AFiB Vistula


    Using new IT tools to optimise business processes greatly, improves company effectiveness. Both small and large companies recognise the benefits brought by new technologies. This is why we have established the Business Processes Manager programme, aimed at preparing students to effectively navigate the business environment, with an emphasis on the optimisation and adaptation of the processes occurring in the field.

    The post-graduate programme is dedicated to mid- and high-level management, human resource management specialists, and IT department employees, service and industrial companies, as well as the employees of administration who participate, or are planning to participate, in the implementation of process management with the help of IT tools.

    Over the course of two semesters of intense study, the students learn how to analyse company process maturity, model and analyse business processes, manage process volatility, rationalise and optimise business processes, manage knowledge of business process completion, manage the personnel involved in process completion, manage human capital in process or process implementation organisations, effectively utilise ICT tools in process and communication management in organisations, and manage process management implementation projects.

    As a graduate of this programme, you will have the skills necessary to:

    • Assess the process maturity of a company, and select the correct process management, control and pending process improvement implementation methodology, and use advanced ICT tools to improve the company’s effectiveness.
    • Identify and rationalise processes based on teamwork.


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    Learn more about how to apply for the post-graduate programme, and join us as a student at Vistula University!

  • The curriculum of the Business Processes Manager programme provides for two semesters of classes, with 180 hours of classes in total. Most of the courses take place in computer labs, where you will utilise specialised analysis modelling and business process automation software (including ADONIS, ARIS, iGrafx and BizAgi).

    The curriculum also touches on the social aspects of change management and human resources management. Due to the practical nature of the courses, knowledge of computers and MS Office is required.

    Post-graduate programme admissions are conducted on a ‘first-come, first-served basis’, so, if you want to comprehend business processes, apply today!

  • Marek Szelągowski, ScD
    A computer scientist with 20 years of experience in utilising IT in management. He has participated in the creation and implementation of IT solutions in accounting, human resources management, production and IT infrastructure management. From 2000 to 2008, he was CIO at the BUDIMEX Group. He was responsible for the IT Office and adapting the company’s IT strategy to the shifting requirements of business. He also dealt in designing and implementing transaction systems, as well as information flow management.


    • He led and participated in the identification of business processes in BUDIMEX, and the development of a process system supporting basic processes, which allowed for their optimisation and continued adaptation to changing market conditions.
    • He collaborated with Ferrovial (Spain) on the development of IT collaboration principles, aimed at keeping up to speed with business needs, and ensuring compliance with corporate standards.
    • He led and participated in Poland’s first implementation of the Navision system (currently Microsoft Dynamic NAV), which was rated highly by Scandinavian customers familiar with the system.
    • From 2008 to 2014, he led and participated in analyses and business process optimisation, as well as developing IT infrastructure management processes in more than 40 countries in the construction, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, and energy industries, as well as in health care (including Instal Lublin SA, Unidevelopment, EUROZET, ZEUS SA, Polimex Mostostal SA, the Medical University of Łódź, VECTRA SA, the Ministry of Finance, DSS SA, Yusen Logistics, TAMEX SA, Merck Polska, EUROLOT, POLBUD SA, INTEGROTECH, BauundTechnik, GK PGE, Integrotech, TAMEX SA, the Public Procurement Office and Grupa PKP).
    • He collaborates and participates in teaching and research projects by the Polish Academy of Sciences, and other universities, including: The National Louis University (Nowy Sącz), WSTI (Warsaw), PSW im. JPII (Biała Podlaska), and Vistula University (Warsaw).
    • He is the author of the concepts of ’Dynamic business process management’ and ’Process significance criterion’.
    • He was the first Polish blogger for BPM Leader and BPM Institute.
    • He is the author of numerous research and popular science articles on management theory, process management, knowledge management, and building organisational cultures.
  • Piotr Biernacki

    The owner of MGX Infoservice, from 2001 to 2011, he was a business partner of Corel-iGrafx (co-creator of the BPMN notation system), and, since 2011, when iGrafx became independent, he became the company’s leading partner in Poland (implementing business process modelling and simulation tools, process documentation management, BPA and business process monitoring tools). The company is a co-author of BPMN. From the year, 2000, he has taught at the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technologies – courses on business process modelling, simulation, and analysis. In the period, 2010 to 2012, he taught at PWS im. JPII (workshops and lectures on business process modelling, simulation and analysis using BPMN). He has organised more than 130 open training sessions with participants from all fields and industries (public administration, universities, financial institutions, the Post Office and delivery companies, energy and mining industry companies, production and trade companies, as well as Internet services, implementation companies, and software producers.


    Associate Professor, Jan Fazlagić

    Associate Professor of the Poznań University of Economics and Business, and the Rector’s Plenipotentiary for Development Projects of Vistula University. Professor Fazlagić is an expert on school management, education, innovation in education, as well as managing intellectual capital management, marketing, and service design; he is one of the precursors of knowledge management in Poland. He is the author of the book titled: “KREATYWNI W BIZNESIE’, (THE CREATIVE IN BUSINESS, Poltext 2015). For almost 15 years, he has collaborated with numerous local authorities and teachertraining centres, working to develop future management cadres in education.

    Cezary Lipiński, MD, PhD

    A Doctor of medicine, he earned his doctoral degree from the Medical University of Łódź, Faculty of Military Medicine, with his dissertation titled: ’Patient state assessment standardisation for the purposes of medical information’ (2007). From 1994 to 2002, he was a member of the management of Healthcare Centres (Zespoły Opieki Zdrowotnej), and Head Specialist at the Ministry of Health, organiser and Member of the Management Board of the Łódź Regional Health Care Fund, and Medical Director of a Polish chain of orthopaedic centres. He is the author of the first Polish translation of FCAT anatomical terminology, and the International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health (ICF) database for the WHO, as well as being a consultant for the first Polish edition of ICD 9 – the International Classification of Diseases. As part of the PHARE programme by the Institute of Labour Medicine in Łódź, he participated in the development of new standards of disability evaluation. He developed the implementation of the adaptation of the American ICD system, the PCS – Procedure Coding System. He is a corresponding member of the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). , Presently, he is Administrative and Economic Director of a private healthcare institute in Kutno.

    Natalia Potoczek, PhD

    Natalia has taught at the Department of Management at the National Louis University in Nowy Sącz for 20 years. Her most recent research publications tackle process management, and she has been working on a research project on process management financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, as well as on her own research project: Human resources management in process-oriented organisations, financed by the National Science Centre. She takes part in research internships in companies, organised by the Małopolska Regional Development Agency, aimed at developing process management in organisations (2013/14 – Sądeckie Wodociągi Sp. z o.o.; 2014 – Newag S.A.)

    Piotr Sierociński

    Managing Director at HRM Partners S.A., he has been an HR veteran since 1990. He was Head of HR at a large production company for more than 5 years. Since 1996, he has been active in the consulting industry, working at the Neumann Management Institute, Andersen and Deloitte, amongst others. From 2005, he has been responsible for co-ordinating counselling projects. Piotr specialises in payroll counselling, HRM tools integration, as well as in HR function strategy and transformation. Selected clients: ORLEN Group,, AMBRA Group, Arcelor Mittal Poland, LOTOS Group, Inter Cars, DPD, Pekaes, Siódemka, Christianapol, WSiP, and Gothaer.

    Jacek Włodarczyk

    A computer scientist with 20 years of experience, he has worked in various institutions and organisations. He has participated in the development and implementation of IT solutions in accounting, sales, logistics, and project management, in companies, such as CHZB Budimex, BUDIMEX S.A., ACO Elementy Budowlane Sp. z o.o., Ramirent S.A., Przedsiębiorstwo Spedycyjne Trade Trans Sp. z o.o., where he implemented the complex ERP MS Dynamic NAV system (former Navision). From 2003 to 2008, he was the co-owner and VicePresident of the Management Board of NAVIPRO Sp. z o. o. Post-2008, working at Dynamic Sp. z o. o., he has carried out counselling projects and process analyses in companies from the construction and telecommunications industry, as well as in public administration offices and health care institutions.

  • Admissions

    Vistula University post-graduate admissions are conducted on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis. Post-graduate candidates must submit the following documents:

    • application form – download,
    • BA or MA diploma or copy,
    • Identity card copy (the original for verification),
    • 1 photograph (37×52 mm),
    • Advance confirmation of payment.

    At registration, candidates must make a registration fee payment of PLN 200.

    The entire cost of tuition is: PLN 6,000
    The tuition can be paid in a single instalment, or two instalments, one for each semester:
    PLN 3,200 – 1st instalment to be paid before the start of the academic year.
    PLN 3,200 – 2nd instalment to be paid before the start of the 2nd semester.

    We offer a 10% discount for students who pay in a single instalment.
    An advance on the tuition fee of PLN 200 must be paid before the 30th of September, 2017.

    Account number:
    Bank Zachodni WBK – 61 1090 1694 0000 0001 1105 7177.

    zarządzenie 2017_2018 AFiB


Contact to Admissions Office of Postgraduate Studies Center

dr Roman Fulneczek, prof. nadzw. AFiB Vistula

Director of Center for Postgraduate Political Studies and Trainings

tel. 22 45 72 363
room: 220 (II floor)

Dorota Cakar

tel. 22 45 72 363
room: 220 (II floor)



Marzena Hinzmann

​tel. 22 45 72 329
room: 220 (II floor)

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