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Is there a relationship between artistic graphics and computer graphics? The answer is obvious: there is no strict dependence. The technique of reflecting images from various types of matrices, now called artistic graphics, was created much earlier. The basic advantage of graphics – the possibility of multiple duplication of the same image was used to create artistic and functional works.The emergence of digital graphics has introduced revolutionary changes. With the development of digital technology and increasingly efficient computers, the ability to process images increases, and the creation possibilities are endless. The only border is the boundary of the author’s imagination.In the European Faculty of Arts, we teach graphics in both its varieties – graphic art and computer graphics. The ideas of the works are created in the imagination of the student. The personality of the author is the source of all artistic work. It can be concluded that the link between artistic graphics and digital graphics is already in their sources. And how does it look in practice? The education schedule offers lessons during which the student works manually in the graphic studio, but also in other lessons he works using a computer. Both these activities are permeating. Many times an artistic project is part of a computer-made project and vice versa.Our program is versatile, we educate graphic designers who will meet the challenges of contemporary reality.Jolanta Johnsson

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