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Master's Degree Programs

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full-time, part-time

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2 years (4 semesters)



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AFiB Vistula


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    What can a philologist do in the 21st century? Firstly, become an expert in all possible uses of the language in business and technologies, as well as an expert in a given cultural context. Spanish is the second language of international communication (after English) and the second as regards the number of its native speakers in the world (480 million, after Mandarin – 950 million). It is also the third most-used language on the internet (all data: Cervantes Institute, 2018). Thus, the Master’s degree programme in Spanish Studies (Iberian Studies) are addressed to people who are planning their future careers in organizations, international business, or deal with the latest technologies in the environment of one of the most important languages in the world, those who want to become translators or language experts in millions of Spanish language websites / businesses / schools.


    If your knowledge of Spanish is at least at B1 level, and you would like to become a specialist in this field, study the Spanish Studies Master’s degree programme at Vistula. You will raise the level of Spanish to at least the beginnings of C2 and gain thorough knowledge of the culture from the area of the Spanish speaking countries. You will take an internship in an international company, language school or translation agency, which will help you quickly find your feet on the labor market after graduation.



    • Practical profile: we educate the future linguists, language school teachers and translators, organizers and managers of cultural events, editors, publishers and young businessmen/businesswomen for the languages market
    • All our lectures and classes are interactive
    • Second foreign language is studied through 4 semesters, allowing students to reach minimum B1 level
    • Our classes, workshops and seminars are tailored each year to our students’ particular interests and needs
    • Internship in schools and international companies
    • Our students and teachers create a dynamic multicultural environment


    If you want to apply for the Spanish Studies Master’s programme, you must meet at least one of the following requirements:

    • Be a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish Studies (or Spanish Philology).
    • Be a holder of a different Bachelor’s degree (in which case, you might have to make up for curriculum differences) and submit a Spanish language certificate (B1 level).

    A sufficient number of candidates for the studies is required to activate enrollment.


    Practical knowledge of Spanish, as well as knowledge of international business and marketing – this is what you will gain by studying Spanish Philology for Master’s degree at Vistula University. Spanish Studies at our University will let you develop your skills and prepare you to work in your chosen profession – both in Poland and abroad. Here you will acquire comprehensive knowledge becoming a competent professional in the field of Spanish Studies.


    Vistula University values practicality, therefore our two-year programme includes a total of three months of internship. You can get an invaluable practical experience through internship programme conducted within the publishing industry, at the translation agencies and international institutions or at the language schools. Such preparation will help you to easily find the job of your dreams after completing your studies.


    Our lecturers understand the importance of the practical aspect – most of our classes aim at improving your language skills. Translation workshops (in the business sphere, specialist texts, or literary works) are conducted for those who plan to work in the field of translation. Future managers of cultural events and publishing industry specialists will gain here competences required for each professional field. The Practical Spanish curriculum is complemented by courses on culture and history of the Spanish speaking countries, as well as creative writing workshops. Each year, classes are tailored anew to students’ particular needs and interests.


    The Spanish Studies programme has been designed to best prepare you for your chosen career, with an emphasis on translating / teaching / being an expert of Spanish. A practical approach to classes will enable you to freely develop and make informed decisions about your future, and especially your career choices. After graduating from Vistula University, you will acquire the degree of ‘Master of Arts in Spanish Studies’.

    See for yourself that Vistula is the best University in practice. Find out the benefits of studying Spanish  Philology.


    Foreign languages
    You will develop your knowledge of Spanish, reaching C2 level (EU Standards) within just two years. You will also learn a selected second foreign language, reaching at least B1 level (or B2, if you would qualify for the advanced study).


    Professional translation
    You will acquire the skills necessary to professionally translate and interpret oral and written texts from the areas of business, law, and culture.

    Publishing industry

    After completing our studies, students can find employment in the publishing sector – as writers, translators, editors, sales and marketing specialists or distribution representatives.




    After graduating with a degree in Spanish Studies (depending on your sub-major), you will be able to find work:

    • as an editor for Spanish-speaking websites and press outlets
    • as an organizer and manager of cultural events,
    • in translation agencies or as a freelance translator,
    • in publishing industry
    • in media and entertainment market segment
    • in international companies and corporations,
    • as a teacher in schools and foreign language teaching institutions,
    • in NGOs, state and public organizations, cultural and educational institutions.
  • Studies in Spanish

    Field of study Tuition fee (per year) Tuition fee (per semester) Tuition fee in 10 instalments Entry fee
    Full-time studies – citizens of Poland and holders of the Polish Card 6 100 zł 3 200 zł 680 zł 400 zł
    Part-time studies – citizens of Poland and holders of the Polish Card 5 400 zł 2 850 zł 610 zł 400 zł
    Part&Full-time studies – EU* and other countries citizens** 1 750 € 925 € - 120 €
    Part&Full-time studies - students from the remaining countries*** 3 000 € 1 600 € - 200 €

    *This does not apply to Polish citizens.

    **The group of citizens of other countries paying the same fees as EU citizens includes: Citizens of North America, Central America, Caribbean, South America, Northern Europe, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Asia (including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, Kazakhstan and Mongolia).

    *** This does not apply to students from the countries of North America, Central America, Caribbean, South America, Northern Europe, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Asia (including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kirgizstan, Kazakhstan and Mongolia).

    Order of the Rector about fees


International Office

If you are a candidate, please contact our admission team:


Anna Voronko

International Admission Officer

WhatsApp or Viber: +48 798 066 870


(Russian and Polish)


Tosin Oladosu

International Admission Officer

WhatsApp: +48 510 858 087




Accommodation Officer


If you are a recruitment agency’s representative, please contact our cooperation team:


Leonid Markusyk

Director of International Marketing and Recruitment

tel. +48 501 294 962


(cooperation with recruitment agencies and institutions)


Halina Bozko

International Admission Coordinator

tel.: +48 502 603 174


(cooperation with recruitment agencies) 

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