Vistula Group of Universities is a national leader in the field of internationalisation among all universities in Poland. Colleges are made up of outstanding experts and researchers who have a real impact on economic and social life.

At the Vistula University, research is carried out within the framework of the Scientific and Research Centre, which consists of six organisational units: Institute of Research in the discipline of Economics and Finance, Institute of Research in the discipline of Political Science and Administration, Institute of Research in the discipline of History, Institute of Research in the discipline of Management and Quality Sciences, Institute of International Relations, Asia Research Institute.

Vistula University has been granted the prestigious ‘HR Excellence in Research’ title. As EURAXESS portal emphasises, “The ‘HR Excellence in Research’ award gives public recognition to research institutions that have made progress in aligning their human resource policies with the principles set out in the European ‘Charter & Code’”. Consequently, VU is deeply committed “to implementing fair and transparent recruitment and appraisal procedures for researchers”. Being awarded the prestigious HR Excellence in Research by the European Commission, Vistula University seeks to adhere to the highest qualitative standards in, not only conducting the research but also in recruiting new scientific staff, training, as well as assessing and evaluating, researchers.

Vistula University has also been distinguished by the Eurostat as a recognised research entity. It makes it possible for our employees to obtain the right to request access to confidential Eurostat data and use them in their research.


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