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Vistula University is the first private non-profit higher education institution established in Poland. It has been steadily rising in the university rankings of Polish universities (currently no. 5 among private universities). Vistula University is the national leader in the field of internationalisation among all Polish Universities. The University consists of prominent experts – scholars and researchers who have a real impact on economic and social life.  This compilation includes information concerning the areas of research conducted by VU academics. It should popularise these research subjects among our existing and potential partners, help identify joint research activities and allow better cooperation with international institutions in the future.

Vistula University was founded in 1992 as the second non-public university in Poland. It derives from the tradition and experience of four academic institutions: University of Insurance and Banking (original name of Vistula University), and the Higher School of Economics and Information, the European Academy of Arts and the School of Management that joined in 2012-2015. As a higher education entity, Vistula University emphasises teaching and research as its core activities. It is one of the top Polish private universities, highly valued by students and employers, internationally recognised, respected as the academic centre, seen as a leader in selected areas of education and research. Vistula University has been steadily rising in the university rankings of Polish universities (currently no. 5 among private universities).

The research and science strategy is one of the documents underpinning the main VU strategy. It lays out the mission, vision and strategic targets in the area of scientific activity and research. In particular, it pertains to VU as the internationally recognised research institution.

VU’s ambition is to become nationally and internationally recognised institution for its research in the area of management, economics, finance and international relations. It stresses the need to increase the quality of research significantly. VU’s research strategy is aimed at high-quality publications, demonstrable impact, and dynamic, long-term international partnerships. These priorities build on identified areas of strength and excellence and are aligned with national priorities as set by the Polish Ministry of Science. The ultimate goal of assuring the highest quality of research depends on the realisation of identified sub-goals. These include: increasing the number of papers in an A-list journals (JCR), papers indexed in Web of Science and papers indexed in Scopus, further increasing the number of granted projects financed by national and international Funds, an organisation of national and international scientific conferences as well as hosting of workshops. Vistula University is entitled by the Ministry to grant the PhD degrees in Economics and is seeking to receive the rights to grant habilitation (post PhD degree). University Publishing House is issuing peer-reviewed scientific journals: Quarterly and Papers being included in the Ministry list of recognised Journals.

Vistula University has also been recently granted the prestigious “HR Excellence in Research title”.

The “HR Excellence in Research” award gives public recognition to research institutions that have made progress in aligning their human resource policies with the principles set out in the European “Charter & Code”. Consequently, VU is deeply committed to implementing fair and transparent recruitment and appraisal procedures for researchers.

It has also been distinguished by the Eurostat as recognised research entity.

The Vistula University is in the 6th place in the prestigious IDEAS-REPEC ranking, in the classification of the universities dealing with scientific research in the field of economics. Only the Warsaw University, Warsaw School of Economics, NBP, Wroclaw University of Technology and Cracow University of Economics are ahead of us. Competitors from other private universities are far behind.

Research activity at VU is carried out in Institutes and Centers being part of Faculties. They are scientific and research organisational units and have an interdisciplinary character. Institutes conduct extensive scientific and research activities and popularise knowledge. Every year they organise numerous conferences, seminars and meetings with prominent guests. These are:

  • Vistula Center for Advanced Studies – the goal of this newly established unit is to strengthen the reputation of the VU as a centre in which intensive research activities are carried out enabling publishing in high impact journals
  • Four research institutes and one research centre operate within the Faculty of Business and International Relations:
  • Institute for Economic Research
  • Institute of Finance
  • Institute of Management
  • Institute of International Relations
  • Center for Asian Research is a general-faculty research centre whose tasks include conducting scientific research on the countries of modern Asia and Eurasia understood as a whole, their cultural and historical context as well as contemporary initiatives regarding the reactivation of the mechanism of the Silk Road

Each fellow at VU is obliged to conduct regular research activity within research programs of one or more research units. Research activities of the fellows are coordinated by the Research Board and supported by the administrative Research Unit that helps them to manage research projects and seek funds. Vistula University has adopted a code of ethics and research integrity and established a permanent committee of ethics. It aims to assure the observance of intellectual property rights among others by organising the training and consultations with layers.

The University consists of prominent experts – scholars and researchers who have a real impact on economic and social life. Effective research cooperation with business associates has yielded so far many reports commissioned by various corporate partners. They include “Go Global – Report on the Polish Economy”, „Go Global Polish Pharma” – Report on the innovativeness of Polish pharmaceutical sector; the report “The role of interest groups in the legislative process in Poland”, “Student Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer”, “Computer chance for you”, “Innovative and efficient administration of the source of success in the knowledge economy”, “The quality of the Academy of Finance”. Research areas of VU Faculty of Business and International Relations include international relations, international economics, finance, globalisation, macroeconomics, European Union, management, banking, fiscal policy, global politics, integration processes, conflict studies, macroeconomic uncertainty, Asian studies, American studies.

In the individual ranking at the highest positions are Prof. Wojciech Charemza, Dr Rafał Raciborski, Prof. Leszek Morawski and Prof. Maciej Dudek. The IDEAS ranking includes a compilation of scientific publications from economists around the world. The database includes 7.5 thousand institution and more than 50 thousand economists. The ranking and the list of the publications can be found at:

Detailed information about research institutes can be obtained here:

Vistula University is striving to assure the highest quality of research undertaken and its availability to a wider audience while adhering to existing rules and regulations in this respect. The online internal system of employees assessment (SORK) is one of the channels where results of carried out projects and research activities are being presented. The regular monthly meetings of dedicated body Research Board also serve dissemination of scientific work being conducted at Vistula University. Vistula University is involved in developing the concept of open access:

Vistula University receives subventions from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education which depends among others on the assessment results (four-year parametrisation and categorisation process) and has besides its budget earmarked for research. Researchers are applying for grants from national and international Funds, such as the National Science Center (Narodowe Centrum Nauki) and participate in international projects.


Staff involved in R & D carried out in VU

In total: 132, including 44 women
– with the title of professor: 18
– with the title of dr hab. [post PhD] 44, including 13 women – with the title of doctor: 65, including 29 women

– with higher education: 5,

In total: 132, including 44 women
– foreigners: 17, including four women

– from Europe: 13, including two women

– from the European Union: 7, including two women
– from Asia: 4, including two women
Support Staff: Science support unit, Library, Publishing House, HR department – 9 persons

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