About Us

Robotics Club is a group of students fascinated with robotics. We’ve begun as amateurs, but with each year of the Club’s activity, we’ve been expanding our knowledge and experience. Our main success? Apart from building actual robots, we’ve discovered one thing: when we work together, everything is possible. Join us!

How it’s working?

Our actions and goals:


  • Expanding our knowledge in the field of robotics.
  • Learning and benefiting from group work.
  • Successfully participating in international robotics contests.


How it’s working?

Our projects


3D Printer

Robotic Hand Manipulator


DIY Smartwatch

Our projects

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Opiekun: dr Grzegorz Słowiński
Koordynator: Artem Kysylenko
E-mail: robotic.club@vistula.edu.pl

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