MAK+  (MAKPlus) is an electronic, fully automated, integrated library system, created and developed by the Book Institute. The system allows to create an electronic library catalogue, and user base, to register the collection items being lent or made available as well as to take care of library statistics. The work is conducted via an Internet browser. The system satisfies the requirements of  Library Certificate+.

The Academic Library of VISTULA University Group switched to the MAK+ library system in winter 2013. Since then we have been working on adjusting the contents of the electronic book collection. The cataloguing of library collections in the MAK+  system is conducted with the help of the contents of the “Bibliographic Guidebook” of the National Library from which bibliographical records are taken for the local library base. The bibliographic descriptions our staff create are added to the common description base available to all system users and adapted by a team of specialists from voivodeship and municipal libraries.

The MAK+  library system is recommended by the National Library Board.

The database Server provides:

  • a uniform base of records of library descriptions (books)
  • a uniform base of readers
  • an Internet access to the collections of all MAK+  using libraries.

The MAK+   application consists of the following modules:

1. Catalogue – a module based on the central base of bibliographic descriptions up-dated currently (on a daily basis) from the “Bibliographic Guidebook” of the National Library. This allows to seek and collect ready bibliographic descriptions from the “Bibliographic Guidebook” to add them to the local base. Acting on the principle of co-cataloguing, it provides its users with a tool for creating their own bibliographic descriptions allowing them to fill in a specific number of  obligatory fields of the MARC 21 format.

2. Store Room  – a tool which allows for the management of copies:

  • extensive addition of subsequent copies;
  • removal of entered copies;
  • write-offs (with a history of write-offs);
  • introduction of changes to the descriptions of existing copies.

3. Gathering  – a module for preliminary cataloguing of collections.

4. Lending library – a module for lending copies and registering readers.

5. Reports – a module for generating library-related reports.

6. Reading Room – a module for making copies available in the reading room and registering readers.

The library user application of the MAK+ system is intended for patrons of libraries which use the MAK+ system. It enables library users to:

  • search catalogues of libraries where the user is a member
  • search for books by using embedded map
  • search catalogues of 7000 libraries which use the MAK+ system
  • check the status of borrowed items in libraries where the user is a member
  • reserve available items in libraries where the user is a member

MAK+  system has also conveniences for readers who want to use library catalog in their mobile devices. Readers can use special application in “find a book” tab or download dedicated application from Apple AppStore (version for iPhone, version for iPad) or from Google Play Store (version for Android).

More information at  MAK+ system homepage.

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