According to the statute of the Vistula University and Warsaw School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, the Academic Library is a interuniversity organizational unit fulfilling its scientific and didactic tasks, as well as being a service to the academic community.

The Academic Library has collections on economy, economic policy, social and educational policy, domestic economy, philology, psychology, sociology, philosophy, finance, banking, marketing, accounting, insurance, business organization and management, environment protection, transport, European Union, tourism, hotel industry, trade, law, international relations, local administration, diplomacy, computer and mathematical sciences. A special collection of books on recreation and tourism makes a prominent feature here – it is one of the biggest of this type inPoland. At all times, we try to broaden the scope of facilities available to students – recently, we have acquired electronic hardware for students with sight and hearing disabilities.

Our collections are available through the means of reference library and lending library. The collections are constantly updated and expanded. Students of other universities may borrow documents with the help of the interlibrary exchange service.

At the end of 2015, the number of volumes in our collections was over 100,000, and the number of titles of periodicals (domestic and foreign) – over 800.

A few tens of thousands of titles of periodicals are accessible in the online full-text databases.

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