Academic Library of Vistula University Group has recently been enriched with collections from universities that are now part of the Vistula University Group. As those collections were recorded in many diffrent formats, it was imperative to unify them into one format. It was necessary bacause of the requirements of the new MAK+ system. Process of adaptation and coagmentation all collections into one format is still in progress. The only way to get the full information about titles is searching for them in every available catalog.

The Lending Library is open to:

  • students of the Vistula University Group
  • educational and administrative staff of the VISTULA University Group,
  • students of other universities, based on interlibrary voucher.

The library system used in the Academic Library provides access to the following databases:

  • books both paper and electronic versions,
  • magazines both paper and electronic versions,
  • multimedia
  • unpublished doctorate thesis from the years 2006-2019 (descripted the same way as published books)

(notice: doctorate thesis can be viewed only in the reading room)

  • electronic devices for students with sight and hearing disabilities.

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Research library

Bożenna Bokota

Senior librarian
tel. 22 457 23 93

Artur Krawczyk

Junior librarian

tel. 22 457 23 93;

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