About Us

The Business Tourism Club, ‘2B’, brings together students interested in meeting, and being part of the events industry. The mission of the  club is to increase the knowledge of business tourism among students.
By joining us, you will develop your interests, acquire professional qualifications, and gain  opportunities  to co-operate with other students. We are waiting for you!

How does it work?

Our actions and goals:


  • Organisation of meetings, lectures, training sessions,  lectures, workshops, seminars, and other events related to business tourism.
  • Representing Vistula University through active participation in competitions, meetings, and other events aimed at demonstrating knowledge of tourism issues.
  • Collaboration with people and institutions that have similar goals and activities.
  • Organisation of scientific activities that enable active students to acquire additional knowledge and new skills.
  • Promoting and maintaining inter-collegiate student contacts.
  • Creating optimum conditions for students to develop interests and gain professional qualifications.
  • Creating the conditions for co-operation between students and institutions active in tourism.
  • Providing  help in finding work for students.
How does it  work?


Future Leaders Forum, Warsaw 2016: The Programme was created to encourage the most talented students to develop their careers in meeting with the tourism industry. The conference programme is based on  workshops throughout the day, conducted by business tourism professionals from around the world.


PEMES 2016: The International Symposium of Educational Managers of Events is a conference for academics and researchers in the field of tourism, as well as the organisation and management of events and business meetings.


CSR in event management (Corporate Social Responsibility) – the responsibility of the organisation for its impact on  society and the environment, ensured through transparent and ethical procedures.


Colour Your Uni: The aim of the project is to transform ordinary academic halls into “works of art” that can inspire students towards active and creative thinking.





2B Guest: At each Club meeting, students host an expert who talks about his/her activities, shares experiences, explains various issues, and inspires future leaders of the travel industry. Students have the opportunity to ask questions about the industry and the expert’s work.


Compendium: Due to the work of the 2B Club, the first student publication, “Compendium. Associations and organisations in the meetings industry” was prepared and published in Warsaw.


Warsaw Business Run + Run EXPO: Warsaw Business Run is a charity business run in the form of a 5 x 3.8 km relay (a team of 5 competitors, each of them running 3.8 km). The Run is organised for the proteges of Jasiek Mela’s Beyond Horizons Foundation.


Meetings Week, Poland 2016: The five-day cycle of events included conferences and networking meetings attended by representatives of corporations and professional associations, who are responsible for event planning, services for travel and business meetings buying; bidders from service companies, hotels and conference centres;  as well as journalists, local government officials, and politicians.


‘A book given –  joy delivered’ (‘Książka oddana – radość przekazana’): The purpose of the action is to collect books from participants of the Polish Week Book Meetings, and then share them with others. Books will be handed on to childrens’  homes – via the Our House Society in Warsaw,  Kraków, and Przemysł.

Supervisor of 2B Club:

Krzysztof Celuch

e-mail: 2b.club@vistula.edu.pl

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