About us

The Architecture and New Media Science Club is a place where students of architecture can develop and deepen their knowledge, skills and interests, in the field of architectural design, and especially the use of new computer techniques for this purpose. We invite you to participate in our projects and events!

Our goals and tasks


  • Creation of a field of knowledge and skills exchange, as well as integration of participants in project
  • Development of practical skills in the use of new media in architectural design.
  • Study both: historical and contemporary Polish and European architecture.


  • Conducting scientific research and artistic activity, plus the organisation  of scientific sessions,
  • Organzing meetings, workshops,
  • Participation in architectural contests.
  • Popularization of the effects of the club’s activities, among faculty and university students.

Projects and achievements (2019)

  • Team participation in the nationwide architectural competition: “KOŁO 2019” and the submission of 5 projects,
  • Tour and history lesson about Warsaw at the Warsaw Uprising Museum.
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