About us

European Students Association is the perfect club for European students to meet new friends, have fun and visit different places together, to explore Europe’s and Polish culture! We organize scientific and entertaining events on a regular basis! We are more than 100 people who are willing to actively participate and create the student life at Vistula!

How does it work?

Our actions and goals:

  • Make new friends from various countries
  • Do fun and educational events
  • Organize international conferences
  • Familiarize students with European cultures
How does it work?

Our projects

Cultural fairs: European Day. It’s a big event for us to show everybody the cultural diversity of Europe!

Weekend trips: entertaining trips for fun to ice skating, cinema, and educational trips to museums.

Sports: various competitions co-organized with other clubs.

Conferences: international conferences with ambassadors of European countries.

Our projects


Sports tournaments, weekend entertaining and educational trips, international conferences with ambassadors, European Day, barbeque, visiting the zoo. Trips to Kraków and Auschwitz, International Women’s Day.


Contact to European Student Association

Do you have questions? Write to us!

Coordinator: Dmytro Kolyvai
E-mail: eu.association@vistula.edu.pl

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