About us

Our club is dealing with all kinds of projects made based on social issues and events in Poland, Europe and many parts of the World. In these projects, while we are studying social problems, we find the opportunity to introduce our university and country culturally. In addition, the participation of young people in projects and/or taking part in project writing, coordination and management give us great self-confidence and personal development.

This club, founded at Vistula University, will support young people’s participation in European Union projects within a short period of time. Students will be involved in coordinating and managing the projects but also making them feel the responsibility of representing our university. We want to be a growing club and has a continuity with implementing various events. Our aim is supporting personal and cultural development of students and establishing an international network for them. Our club will help you to get managerial experience and soft skills together. Join us and explore Europe…

How does it work?

We will implement activities to develop ourselves and to increase the awareness about youth events and social issues. Our main project areas are:

  • EVS
  • Youth Exchange
  • Youth Mobility
  • Social and Sport Projects
  • Human Aid Campaigns
How does it work?


Volunteering Projects: We will visit social houses, do some recreational events, music, games, art activities for children in refugee camps and children houses in Warsaw.

European AID: It is big volunteer events coordinated by European Commission. It will be opened for 15 youngs’ application to be a part of volunteering projects such as refugee camps, disaster area, etc.

Youth Projects Info Seminar: We will organize a seminar to give detailed information about projects in which you can take part all around to world.

Social Projects: Our goal is to take attention of people to the environmental and social issues. Adopt A River (Vistula), School Bus, Make A Soup, My Forest are some of the projects in this context.

Youth Mobility: We have a network with the associations and institutions all over the world. We are planning workshops and youth exchanges which will be held in one of the European countries. They are short, one week projects.




Challenge: It is a task-based game. We will prepare some special tasks and they will be done by the individuals or teams. If you finish on time, you will receive some awards.

European Sports Day Events: A week full of sport events.

Team Building Games: A set including team building tasks and games. Be ready

Contact to Project Center

Do you have questions? Write to us!

Coordinator: Ayse Kaygisiz
E-mail: project.club@vistula.edu.pl

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