About us

SHUFFLE – Language Exchange Club is the association for the students of Vistula University, who study different foreign languages. For both native speakers and the learners. Any of you can join the club! Just write us!

We are often taught that language learning is all about studying textbooks. It’s about memorizing, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary. In other words, everything but speaking. However, the only way to speak a foreign language is to start speaking it. So, our main goal is to break as many speaking barriers, as possible. To get rid of your fear to talk in the language you learn.
There are students of 86 nationalities studying in the Vistula University. So, among such a variety of people we find the native speakers and invite them to our events, in order to exchange the knowledge.

How does it work?

It’s simple! New meeting – new language. SHUFFLE IT! Usually, there are 2-4 meetings per month. You just need to come to the meeting, seat at the table with other students and SPEAK!

The requirement is one: to know a little bit more than “Hi” and “Thanks” in the language you’d like to practice in our club.
The rule is one: to speak ONLY in the language of a current meeting.
Other languages are forbidden. Try to talk even when you realize that you’re making mistakes. Use gestures and mimics. Ask questions. Lots of questions!
Please, do not be afraid of being mistaken! And do not laugh when somebody says something wrong. Because today you are a native, and tomorrow you can be just the same learner who makes mistakes.
How does it work?

Contact to SHUFFLE – Language Exchange Club

Do you have questions? Write to us!

Coordinator: Natalia Yakovleva
E-mail: lec.club@vıstula.edu.pl

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