About us:

The Banker’s Club brings together students who are interested in banking and broadly understood finance. Club membership is an excellent opportunity for personal development and active participation in the student life of the University. It is an excellent self-investment. As part of the club’s activities we organize meetings providing students with an opportunity to broaden their knowledge. We invite representatives of banks and other financial institutions. Participation in these meetings is an opportunity to meet people from the financial and banking sector. By building a network of relationships with the social and economic environment, club members have access to information about the latest FinTechs. They also have a chance to establish cooperation with financial institutions. This opens the way to advantageous internships and apprenticeships. It can also be a chance to begin a promising professional career.

What we do, our goals and activities:

The main goal of The Banker’s Club is to raise interest in scholarly and research work in the field of banking.

The particular goals of the Club are as follows:

  • conducting wide-ranging activities to connect students interested in banking,
  • promotion of innovative banking products and technologies among the University students,
  • education in the area of banking and finance for the students of the University and beyond.

These goals will be fulfilled through the following activities:

  • scientific research conducted under the supervision of the Scientific advisor,
  • scholarly seminars,
  • workshops, meetings, etc.,
  • collecting statistical data to be used in scientific research and marketing activities for banks and other entities interested in banking (mystery shopper research),
  • scholarly events for the promotion of the innovative banking technologies within the University.

Contact the Banker’s Club

Questions? Contact us!

Scientific advisor: Hubert Gąsiński, PhD

E-mail: klubbankowca@vistula.edu.pl

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