In order to achieve the aim of VCAS, the following objectives are set

1. Increase of the publishability of the existing staff of the Vistula University by creating a system of incentives and atmosphere stimulating research. In particular, this system will consist of:

  • Conducting lectures and consultations regarding the strategy of publication and grant applications.
  • Conducting research seminars, with leading Vistula, Polish and international scholars, where current developments and advances in research will be presented and discussed.
  • Facilitating submission, e.g. by payment of submission fees to selected journals for papers with a reasonable chance of acceptance, for the staff of Vistula Unversity.
  • Providing consultations and, in some cases, active help in seeking collaborators at foreign or other Polish universities.
  • Organizing English language brushing and improvement of papers with a reasonable chance of acceptance before submission.
  • Enabling participation of the Vistula University staff in selected conferences of international reputation in cases where such participation can significantly improve chances of publication in reputable journals.

2. Hiring Research fellows at the Senior, Post-Doctorate and Junior levels.

3. Conducting other activities which might help in achieving the aims of VCAS, in particular:

  • Organizing workshops aiming at the development of research on the main research theme of VCAS.
  • Inviting Visiting Fellows, that is scholars of worldwide reputation working on topics related to the main research theme of VCAS.
  • According to the needs, organizing other activities aiming at increasing the research potential of the Vistula University scholars. These activities include forming of Reading Groups, and conducting technical seminars, where particular theoretical and computational problems will be analyzed in detail.

Językowe kursy przygotowujące, Studia Podyplomowe, Executive education

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