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Bachelor's Degree Programs

Study mode:

full-time, part-time

Study duration:

3 years (6 semesters)



Language of studies:

Polish, English


AFiB Vistula

    In a time of globalisation, cultural awareness and foreign language skills – especially English – are of extremely high value on the job market. If you have a knack for learning a foreign language, and could imagine yourself working in international environments, then our English Studies programme is tailored to your needs!

    English Studies, offered by Vistula University, will open up before you, global opportunities. In addition to a perfect command of English, which has become a major international language, you will also learn another language of your choice at B1 level. Specialised knowledge of marketing and business will enable you to easily navigate the job market. A practical approach to interaction-oriented classes, as well as numerous workshops and seminars conducted in English, will help you improve your skills, significantly.

    If you want to apply for the English Studies programme, you must meet at least one of the following requirements:

    • Pass your secondary school English exam (advanced level).
    • Be a holder of an English language certificate (B2 or higher).


    Practical knowledge of English, as well as knowledge of the translation, publishing, and cultural events markets – this is what you gain by studying English Philology at Vistula University.

    English Studies at our University will let you develop your skills and prepare you to work in your chosen profession. If our English Studies (Warsaw) programme interests you, take a look at our offer!

    Vistula University emphasises practicality, this is why our three-year programme includes a total of three months of internships. A total of sixty hours of internships will be conducted as workshops at a school, where we carry out projects ordered by companies who are collaborating with our University. You will also be able to do your internship in other international companies, corporations, and institutions.

    Our lecturers emphasise practical classes aimed at improving your language skills. The curriculum is complemented by classes on the culture and history of the country. This means that you will graduate with the knowledge necessary to quickly become an expert on English Philology.

    • List of obligatory classes
      • Practical English – Pronunciation
      • Practical English – Grammar Skills 1-2
      • Practical English – Reading & Writing 1-6
      • Practical English – Business English 1-2
      • Practical English – Grammar Skills 3 (phonetics and phonology)
      • Practical English – Grammar Skills 4 (morphology and syntax)
      • British Literature – An overview
      • British Literature – A study 1
      • British Literature – A study 2
      • American Literature – An overview
      • American Literature – A study 1
      • American Literature – A study 2
      • Modern Literature of English-speaking areas
      • Language in intercultural communication
      • History of English
      • History and culture of English-speaking areas
      • Reading and discussion
      • English in literature and film
      • Information technologies
      • Introduction to marketing
      • Second foreign language 1-3
      • Second foreign language with aspects of culture 4-6
      • BA seminar 1
      • New technologies in research papers
      • Thesis writing methodology
      • Physical education 1-2
  • Our English Studies programme will allow you to pursue one of two sub-majors: cultural studies, or translation and interpreting.

    You will gain knowledge of the history and cultural diversity of Anglo-Saxon countries, as well as of the nature of the publishing market. Thanks to our collaboration with the Faculty of Tourism of the Warsaw School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, you will learn about the organisational basics of tourism and recreation.

    • List of classes in the cultural studies sub-major:
      • The art of public speaking
      • History of Great Britain
      • History of the USA
      • Introduction to recreation
      • Legal aspects of tourism and recreation
      • Content management

    You will begin your preparation to become a translator/interpreter, and be equipped with practical knowledge. You will learn Business English (among others), and how to use it professionally, whilst also learning translation and interpreting techniques used in various fields.

    • List of classes in the translation and interpreting sub-major:
      • Introduction to translation studies
      • Business interpreting
      • Literary translations
      • Business translations
      • The language of business negotiations
      • Introduction to management
  • dr hab. Maria Koszla-Szymańska

    Autorka książek, polskich i zagranicznych artykułów dotyczących aspektów kulturowych w nauczaniu języka hiszpańskiego. Od 1996 r. bierze udział w corocznych kongresach organizowanych w ośrodkach uniwersyteckich w całej Hiszpani. Laureatka pięciu nagród jubileuszowych oraz Złotego Medalu za Długoletnią Służbę przyznanych przez Rektora Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego.

    Dr Pablo de la Fuente de Pablo

    Ph. D. Summa Cum Laude in Geography and History, UNED (Madrid, Spain) Doctorate Extraordinary Award (1996-7). Research interests: History of the Book, Culture and Literature , Maritime History an underwater archaeology
    Military History: Early Modern and Modern period. Taught subjects: History of Spanish Literature (Medieval and Early Modern), Culture and Civilization of Latin America, Spanish.

    prof. dr hab. Andrzej Weseliński

    Autor licznych prac naukowych z zakresu literatury i kultury brytyjskiej i amerykańskiej opublikowanych w kraju i za granicą. Prowadzi wykłady w University of Notre Dame czy w University College London. Uczestnik międzynarodowych programów naukowych. Założyciel pisma naukowego ANGLICA. Współautor kilkudziesięciu programów edukacyjnych emitowanych przez Telewizję Polską i Polskie Radio. Otrzymał nagrodę Ministra Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego za osiągnięcia naukowe. Laureat konkursu BBC European Service, odznaczony Medalem Komisji Edukacji Narodowej oraz Złotym Krzyżem Zasługi.

    dr Katarzyna Kacprzak

    Specjalistka w dziedzinie filologii hiszpańskiej i romańskiej. Przez wiele lat pełniła funkcje kierownika działu promocji i rzecznika prasowego Muzeum Historii Polski w Warszawie oraz Instytutu Cervantesa w Warszawie i Krakowie. Była również kierownikiem ds. projektów w Instytucie Adama Mickiewicza w Warszawie. Organizowała międzynarodowe projekty kulturalne i medialne, w ramach Polskiej Prezydencji w UE oraz dwa największe projekty promocji kultury polskiej zagranicą: POLSKA! YEAR (Rok Polski w Wlk. Brytanii, 2009-2010) i Rok Polski w Hiszpanii (2002 – 2003). Tłumaczka literatury i esejów oraz tłumaczka przysięgła j. hiszpańskiego i j. francuskiego.

    prof. dr hab. Andrzej Diniejko

    dr hab. Johann Sauer Hans

    dr hab. Jana Rosker

    dr Irena Księżopolska

    Specjalistka w zakresie modernizmu, postmodernizmu w literaturze i sztuce oraz komunikacji międzykulturowej. Autorka wielu publikacji naukowych i artykułów, w tym monografii The Web of Sense: Patterns of Involution in Selected Fictions by Virginia Woolf and Vladimir Nabokov w 2012 r. Organizatorka i współorganizatorka wielu konferencji naukowych. Absolwentka filologii angielskiej na Uniwersytecie Warszawskim.

    dr Mo Zhou

    dr Liu Hanzhen

    mgr Ali Sengul

    The English Studies programme has been designed to best prepare you for your chosen career. A practical approach, combined with the opportunity to gain a vast array of skills, allows you to develop in the direction you choose, and make better decisions regarding your future. After graduating from Vistula University, you will carry the title of ‘English philologist’.

    See for yourself that Vistula is the best University in practice. Find out the benefits of studying English Philology.


    Command of languages
    You will develop your knowledge of English, reaching C1 level (according to the standards of the European Union) in just three years. You will learn a second foreign language, chosen by you, and reach at least B1 level.

    Practical knowledge
    You will learn the business and legal basics of working as a translator, publisher, or cultural events organiser, including the basic terminology and regulations regarding industrial property rights and copyright.

    Professional translation
    You will gain the skills necessary to professionally translate and interpret basic texts from the areas of business, law, and culture.

    After graduating with a degree in English Studies (depending on your sub-major), you will be able to find work:

    • in translation agencies,
    • as an editor at English-speaking websites and press outlets,
    • as a teacher in language schools,
    • as a culture expert in international companies, corporations, and institutions,
    • in publishing,
    • as an organiser and manager of cultural events.
  • Tuition fee for full-time and part-time studies (including mobile studies) (BA/MA) in Polish – students from outside the EU

    Registration fee Tuition fee (per year) Tuition fee (per semester)
    Full-time and part-time studies 120 € 1 450 € 775 €

    Tuition fee for full-time studies (BA/MA) in English – EU citizens*

    Registration fee Tuition fee (per year) Tuition fee (per semester)
    Full-time 120 € 2 000 € 1 100 €

    * Citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Ukraine as well as all South American countries are subject to the same fees as EU citizens.

    Tuition fee for full-time studies (BA/MA) in English – citizens from outside the EU*

    Registration fee Tuition fee (per year) Tuition fee (per semester)
    Full-time 200 € 2 000 € 1 100 €

    * This does not apply to the students from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Ukraine as well as all South American countries.

    payment 2017_2018 AFiB


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