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Bachelor's Degree Programs

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on-line, full-time, part-time

Study duration:

3 years (6 semesters)



Language of studies:

Polish, English


AFiB Vistula

  • The Project Management programme has been designed to take account of the changing needs of modern economies, brought about by rapid economic growth, and development, and the shift from the earlier importance of entrepreneurial activity to an emphasis on management decision-making. Vistula University’s philosophy is to deliver a competence-centred, educational package, that incorporates a mechanism for an on-going educational dialogue. Such a mechanism creates a forum for teachers, students, and employers,
    enabling them to address current issues in the classroom context. As a consequence, you are better prepared to face the challenges, resulting from rapid technological progress, and constant changes in the business environment in Poland, Europe, and across the world.

    The mission of the Project Management programme is to develop the Project Management competences by implementing an integrated education programme in the field of classic and agile project management concepts.

    Objectives of the Project Management Programme are:

    • Acquisition of knowledge and skills in project management by students
    • Understanding the methods and ways of project management by students, and the ability to apply them, adequately, to the business / professional situation
    • Students acquire practical project management skills by implementing active project management methods in the field of project management in a business environment
    • Students gain practical skills in project management through the implementation of research projects in co-operation with business
    • Supporting student initiatives and raising awareness in the field of project management.
    • Promotion of high project management standards, support for building a knowledge base and contacts in the environment of project managers, programmes, and portfolios.


    A business approach
    The best candidates on the job market possess both hard and soft skills. Hard skills enable you to perform your duties. Soft skills, such as efficient communication and understanding, as well as grasping the concept of incentive mechanisms, make you a better manager. Vistula University’s business approach means that courses are designed to equip you with both sets of skills. This also means that our courses are taught by practitioners, and that you will be able to network, whilst still studying.

    Gaining experience
    The Project Management programme does not require you to do an internship. However, the opportunity to do a three-month internship during your studies, will give you an edge over your competition. Our Careers Office can offer you internships in partner companies, both in Poland and abroad. This will enable you to start gaining professional experience.

    Proficient management
    You will learn, not only to manage capital, time, and skills, but also projects. Furthermore, you will be able to carry out a project from start to finish, whilst learning how to effectively work within teams.

  • The Vistula University Bachelor of Arts in Project Management is an exceptional under- graduate programme, designed for future project management professionals. Our unique programme addresses the growing need for professional managers, who can manage various types of projects – from early conception, and defining the scope, through to evaluation and lessons learned. The programmes will equip you with the tools, techniques, and standards developed by professional organisations, such as PMBOK, but also explore what is used in your own organisation. This will also help those new to project management to lead, and/or contribute, to projects more effectively.

    The structure of the Project Management programme is based on three pillars:

    • Foundation of Business courses
      • Introduction to Management
      • Introduction to Economics
      • Quantitative Methods in Business
      • Introduction to Finance and Accounting
      • People and Organisation
      • Management Methods and Techniques
      • Marketing
      • Human Resources Management
      • Corporate Finance and Management Accounting
      • Economic Environment in Business
      • Business Law
      • Business Research Methods
      • Entrepreneurship
      • Supply Chains’ Management
      • Ethical and Sustainable Business
      • Business Policy and Strategy
      • Elective course
      • Foreign language 1
      • ICT in Business
      • Physical education
    • Specialisation courses
      • Trends in Project Management
      • PMI Methodology I
      • Project Knowledge Management
      • PMI Methodology II
      • Agile Project Management
      • Project Management Psychology
    • Skills for Business courses
      • Communication
      • Teamworking
      • Life-Long Learning
      • Work-Life Balance

    Such a broad construction of the programmes, gives you flexibility in designing your curricula, and shaping your future careers. Furthermore, they prepare you to develop your competencies after graduation, and develop your careers in a sustainable way.

  • Justyna Berniak Wozny

    Justyna Berniak-Woźny, PhD

    PhD of Social Sciences, Leeds Metropolitan University. Holder of MBA diploma of the Polish Open University and Oxford Brookes University. Coach and business consultant. Vistula University lecturer at first and second degree as well as MBA studies in standard and mobile mode. She specializes in business ethics, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and strategic communication. Author of many publications and didactic and training materials in these areas.

    Elżbieta Jędrych

    Prof. Elżbieta Jędrych, PhD

    A director of the Institute of Management at the Academy of Finance and Business Vistula; PhD. in economics, specializing in management sciences; a lecturer at the University of Economics in Prague, the Faculty of Business Administration, and at the Monash University, Prato Centre, Business and Economics, Milan; an author of more than 120 scientific works and expert opinions on industrial practices; she specializes in issues of human resources and social capital management, employee development management, motivation and rewarding, social responsibility in HR processes, social innovations in organisations and management of employee teams; she has been a supervisor for 5 doctoral students in economic sciences, specialising in management; she has received grants and carried out research programs in the field of strategies of investing in human and social capital, absorption of personal innovations by organisations, enhancing of competitiveness of the organisation through development of intellectual capital.

    P1710021 — 1

    Elżbieta Kopciuszewska, BEng, PhD

    Author of more than 90 publications; she has received awards for scientific, educational and organisational development, for a cycle of works on enhancement of quality management;  she has co-organised and organised many conferences and participated in such projects as the “Model of rules of ethics work for universities in Poland and Europe for education of future managers”; she has been a promoter for more than 160 theses in engineering, bachelor and masters studies; she received an award in the contest for the employee of the year 2017 of the Vistula Group of Universities.

    Artur Kwasek

    Artur Kwasek, PhD

    Member of trainings on application of new technologies in teaching at the following universities: Universidade Alberta in Lisbon, (Portugal), the Thames Valley University in London (United Kingdom) and the Technical Education Institute in Larissa (Greece); a dean of the Mazovian Branch of the POU, a co-author of the subsequent version of the e-learning system at the POU;  an author and a co-author of more than 10 modules, teaching materials and e-learning textbooks, as well as approximately 50 articles on use of new technologies in management.

    Edyta Niemyjska, MA

    Krzysztof R. Nowakowski, PhD


    Private: dr hab. Marlena Plebańska

    Anna Rękawek

    Prof. dr. hab. Krzysztof Rybiński


    Anna Wiśniewska, PhD

    PhD in economics, graduate of postgraduate studies in risk management at the Vistula University; certified internal auditor; since 2014 a lecturer on the undergraduate and graduate studies of business financing issues, basics of management and crisis management at the Vistula University and Vistula School of Hospitality; since 2015 Pro-Dean of Faculty of Business and International Relations; an author of publications on age management, ethics in business and SME financing as well as management in medical tourism.

  • The Project Management prepares undergraduate students for such project management positions as:

    • Junior Project Manager
    • Project Co-ordinator
    • Project Manager
    • Project Officer
    • Project Management Coach
  • Applicants for the BA in the Project Management Programme, must meet the following minimum requirements:

    • hold at least a Secondary School Certificate,
    • have a good command of English – (at least the equivalent of B2 level).

    Enrolment Procedure

    STEP 1 Fill out the application
    STEP 2 Wait for the application evaluation
    STEP 3 Make your payment
    STEP 4 Apply for visa

  • Registration fee Tuition fee (per year) Tuition fee (per semester)
    Full-time and part-time studies 120 € 1450 € 775 €

    Registration fee Tuition fee (per year) Tuition fee (per semester)
    Full-time studies 120 € 2 500 € 1 350 €

    *The group of citizens of other countries paying the same fees as EU citizens includes: citizens of other European countries, of all countries in the North and South America, the Caribbean as well as citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

    Registration fee Tuition fee (per year) Tuition fee (per semester)
    Full-time studies 200 € 3 500 € 1 850 €

    *This does not apply to the students from the countries in Europe which are not EU members, students from North and South America, the Caribbean and from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

    Resolution of Executive Board about the fees


International Office

Leonid Markusyk

Director of International Marketing and Recruitment

tel. +48 501 294 962


(cooperation with recruitment agencies and institutions)


Halyna Bozhko

International Admission Coordinator

tel.: +48 502 603 174


(cooperation with recruitment agencies) 


Admissions team

Yevhenii Lytovchenko

International Admission Officer

tel.: WhatsApp or Viber:  +48 510 858 087


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